Download Re High School Mod APK 2.0.12 (Free Premium Choices) again


Description Re High School

Experience the sexy anime Re High School dating simulator. On top of that, there’s a mystery that needs to be solved between your dates and socialization. What will be the result in the end? Downloading Re High School for Android will introduce you to fun characters and a funny story.

Information of Re High School Mod APK 2.0.12

Name Re High School
Compatible with 5.0
Latest version 2.0.12
Developer Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Google play link studio.genius.again
Price Free
Size 64.00 MB
Category Simulation

The story

The story of Re High School begins on your graduation day. It’s the first day of the rest of your life and it feels like everything is going great. That is, unless you are accused of stealing a piece of women’s underwear. How is that possible? Someone may have blamed you.

Now your life is considered in the blink of an eye. No one would want to associate with a pervert like you.

Suddenly, you are picked up on time on the first day of the school year. Is it a miracle? Who cares, now you have another chance to make things right. Continue your daily life in Re High School and socialize with different people. At that point, find the person who framed you and clear your name before it’s too late.

Can you avoid the same horrible future again? And, will you also find love along the way? The only way to find out now is to download Re High School again for Android.

Meet the characters

Query: This is probably your best friend since your childhood. Coyote has been a part of your life for as long as you can remember. You have both become thick and thin at the same time. So, maybe he can help you find the culprit of this mysterious adventure.


Makiko: Next on the list of girls is Makiko, a transfer student with a big personality. She is a very strange kind of girl, she has some problems with other students due to her nature. Do you think that you can help solve these problems and make more friends than enemies?

Kande: Third, Canada is the compassionate head of a Re High School volunteer club. Canada’s kindness leads you to join his club. However, he is afraid to open up and fall in love. Maybe, just maybe you will be able to change his opinion.

Re High School Mod APK free download again

Go ahead and download the latest version of the free Re High School Mod APK for your Android device now. Lots of interactions and moments just waiting to be discovered inside your Re High School. Make friends, build relationships and solve the ultimate mystery in the game.

Are you able to control the pressure being drawn? This is your second chance so don’t let it slide.



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