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Description My Restaurant Empire

A lot of cooking games are being played in the app store. Let’s face it it’s no longer even a surprise. Cooking games are not just games to kill our boredom, they are more than that. Games like this can improve our cooking and multitasking skills in real life scenarios!

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My Restaurant Empire Game is a cooking game with over 500,000+ downloads on the Google App Store and created by Mini Stone Games. A cooking game that composes various enjoyable levels and can test your management skills. Cook and serve your way into cooking evolution madness. Create and design your own restaurant.

What is my restaurant empire?

It is the latest top 3D cooking game on the App Store. Cooking games are very popular nowadays because they present challenging and interesting scenarios that can bring out your inner chef. Play your way through different game levels by showcasing your innovative and multitasking skills. Become the hero chef you want to be. Can you

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This epic game is simple yet produces various challenging tasks. Follow the gameplay story and design different restaurant decor. Of course, you have to cook from hundreds of fast motion management levels and prepare meals as fast as you can. That way you can build your own restaurant empire.

Features of my restaurant empire

Restaurant Empire is one of the best cooking games right now. In this game, you get to become a master chef and create your own restaurant! Here are its features:

Cook & Decorate Your Own Restaurant – At any time we can create our own unique personal restaurant. Is it beautiful You can only imagine the immense possibilities of decorating that you can customize with this game. Decorate your food truck, garden and restaurant with a variety of furnishings and appliances. You can also renovate your own designed restaurant. Here, you will become not only a chef, but also the creator / designer of your own dream restaurant.


Meet and build new friendships – Follow the gameplay and you will meet amazing and fun people. You form new strong bonds with people playing this game online. Not only that, but you get to experience your character on 3D gameplay. Every time you make a big friendship it will bring you closer to being the greatest chef.


Excellent 3D gameplay characters and scenes – There is a lot in this game in terms of gameplay and visuals. It has an excellent and unique selection of characters and scenes. The game brings a high performance rendering engine that can amaze you with more real cooking game experience than 2D cooking games. The plot itself is fun and interesting! This type of modern gameplay will ensure that your game cravings will be satisfied. You can also win wonderful prizes when you feed and serve more customers that can make you the best chef in town!

Challenge Yourself in Extreme Challenge Modes – To win more stars you can play amline fun quiz every day with friends. Beat each challenging level in the cooking adventure. This game will really challenge you in terms of speed and accuracy. Every time you finish the difficult phase you will be given big tips and stars for the renovation and decoration of the restaurant. Cook and win friendships as you build your own restaurant empire


Easy and intuitive control – In this game, the controls are as complex as they are complex. All you have to do is swipe and drag for a specific activity. Apart from this the game will be much easier as you progress.

My Restaurant Empire Mode APK – Unlimited Diamonds

My Restaurant Empire is a special and challenging game that allows the user to become the chef of their own restaurant! Download the latest version now on the Google App Store.

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