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Description Mug life

You can create amazing photo-realistic photos of your relatives, colleagues, friends and celebrities. The best part is that you don’t have to be an expert or an expert in photography. All you need is your camera and a photo to start editing.

In addition, other members can post their animations. This can be copied and pasted on your own photos, or just messed with different options and features. It is very easy to get addicted to this app.


On top of all this, you can export and share your creations as HD videos or still images, animated GIFs and animated avatars for Facebook.
You can download all content, add images, create and share mud, 100% free of charge.

This app is perfect for memes, jokes and all humor purposes. As long as you enjoy it, it doesn't matter.

What a mug life can do

To use Mug Life, you'll need:

Take a photo with your camera. Or, you can import photos or other photos from Camera My Roll from Facebook Albums, Instagram, Twitter, etc … as long as there is a face it can be animated!
Be sure to pick up some funny pics to animate and turn into mugs. Remember that this application is used for comedy purposes only.

Mug-Life-APK-Latest Version

That's not all, any photo with a recognizable face can be used for your mug! These include statues and sculptures, and frames, videos and movies, animals, costumes, make-up, etc.

Once you are satisfied with your animations and mugs, share them on FB, IG, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many other social media and apps.

You can also play the role of a troll and even add their faces to the mug to show your creative skills. You can use your GIFS to send funny texts to your friends and family on various apps.

Creative mode: This mode lets you animate your mug from scratch! All she needs is a photo with any face on it!


Mug Life Pro

You will need to pay for a subscription to use Mug Life Pro. Here are the features available:

  • Access to all the advanced features of Mug Life.


  • Subscriptions are last monthly and / or annual depending on your subscription plan. Alternatively, a one-time purchase option is available.
  • Subscriptions will be renewed automatically unless you cancel in advance within 24-hours.

Explore your creativity and download Mug Life for Android. Everyone has the opportunity to show what they created while using this application. Good luck and enjoy every moment of the Mug Life app.


For further confirmation, here are a few more reviews to confirm the compatibility of this application:

What Sputnik News says about this app is, "Simple photos turn into super-realistic 3D animations web".

The mobile syrup comments that the app is, "… more fun than having any rights." "Mug Life is (probably) the most stupid and funny app in history," says


The charm of Mugni's life is mentioned in the next web – "Despite being a porn teenager, he is really powerful."

Mug Life Mod APK Free Download

With a modified version of the app, you will benefit greatly. Such benefits include:

So, download the app now! Enjoy, share photos and animations.

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