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Description Mafia City

Be Godfather and live your destiny. To build your gang too and capture the city in this witty and clever strategy game of Yota Games, download Mafia City APK for Android now. You can connect with other players and increase your power to become a godfather. Date hot babes and enjoy them for yourself as you climb the ladder in the world of organized crime.


If you've ever watched a Godfather, Scarf Face, Goodfellas, or a Mafia or a crime movie, then you no doubt sit there and wonder: if it were me? Do you think you have it to be a godfather or a crime syndicate and take control of the whole city?

Take power. Rise

In Mafia City, you have to rely on your donations and the loyalty of your peers when you make decisions and take actions to cement your position on the criminal hierarchy. Engage in turf battles, rob banks for cash and build a collection of your luxury properties and cars to showcase your wealth and power.

As you grow, your enemies will notice you more and the target on your back will get bigger. Make sure you are ready to face the challenges ahead, as you deal with and dispose of your competitors.


There are endless problems in the game – but there is always a solution when there is a problem. If you want to know how to build an empire that no one can match in the game, you have to think like a mafia boss, and sometimes you have to think outside the box. Read on for some top tips

How to dominate Mafia City APK

Running a criminal empire takes its toll. It will be much easier if you consider a few things and know how to use your time most effectively. Here are some top tips for creating a behemoth account in Mafia City.

Create multiple accounts. This is what is meant by "think outside". In order to truly communicate growth and power in the game, you need many other accounts that can be & # 39; fed & # 39; doing. You want one account to focus exclusively on receiving and researching cargo and the other account to do the same for cash flow. After that, you want to send all the profits and cargo to your main account, which will have a special focus on military power and expansion. This way you can expand and become powerful without worrying about spending your time focusing on business and cargo.



Play with these kids. Playing ‘Baby Game’ in Mafia City APK will actually do a lot more than just kill your boss. You will have the ability to unlock new skills by playing a baby game with your Hot AF staff. Do this repeatedly and they will unlock new skills that will give you bonuses on cash flow, attack, defense and more. Also, who doesn't love playing baby games? 😉

Activate VIP time with gold. Gold is Mafia City's premium currency and by using it to buy VIP time, you will get more cash and prizes while playing. Spend your gold as often as you can on VIP time to increase your earnings and potential in the game. Of course, you can always use real money to buy gold – or you can download the Mafia City APK.

Always check your actions. When you first open the game, you should always check your tasks that need to be completed in order to manage your criminal empire more effectively. You might even have a babe reward here, so make sure you're always checking that out as well. Keeping an eye on your business is obviously going to pay big and you can actually get into a lot of trouble before it becomes a big problem.


Connect with other players. Making friends is an important part of life – when someone tries to walk on you they can pull you out of a sticky situation and pull your back. Make alliances with other players in Mafia City and you are less likely to get out early in the game.

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