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Description Karate King Fighting

Prepare yourself for battle! Ready to kick your ass, advance to the levels of tough fighter! You will see familiar faces and epic beginnings that only one can dream of. Try the best fighting game ever for Android and see for yourself. Download Karate King Fighting for Android.

Cast of semi-familiar characters

When you play through Karate King Fighting Games, you will see some familiar faces from the roster of fighters. However, that is not the case. They may look like your favorite anime fighting characters, but they are in no way related to them.

Karate King Fighting Mode APK

Keep making money and you'll be able to unlock more and more amazing fighters. Maybe one looks a little more like SSJ3 Goku, and this girl on the other hand looks like Bleach’s Rukia. But, we assure you, they are not!

Super Combos!

Each character has their own set of different combos that make them unique in their own way. Not only this, with the help of some super-comb combos you can do wonders for the game. You’ll be amazed at how amazing some of these fight sequences are.

One minute characters are throwing fireballs at each other. In the next minute, a super 10 hit combo will be released to your opponent. This is one of the best competitive fighting games available for Android mobile devices.

Karate King Fighting APK latest version

You may have noticed that some combos and fighting styles from games like Tekken and Street Fighter are torn. We can count how many times Jin's karate combos have been used against us.


Decent graphics

Graphics and visuals are not very detailed. But, that doesn’t detract from the actual gameplay! The animation is a bit reminiscent of the old PlayStation One graphics. While the animation is on par with some of the fighting games of the PS3 and PS4 era.

To boast of epic music!

Let's not forget about music! Each track is full of action from hardcore rock. This will add more tension to your show down. Your blood will boil as you continue to face powerful opponents. The more one character has the advantage, the more the music shows!

Karate King Fighting 2021 Mod APK Download

Fortunately, the game has been updated as the new year. You can get your hands on the latest version of Karate King Fighting 2021 Super King Fu Fight APK for your Android from our link. This will offer you:

Karate King Fighting APK Free Download

This way, you can buy any character and make the necessary upgrades. However, for previous ones, you will need to unlock the character slot before purchasing it.

Therefore, a small amount of grinding will be required.

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