Divorce of Anchor Summa and Rajiv Kanakala – A New Hawks on the Internet


There have been rumors all over social media platforms and the Internet over the divorce of Rajiv Kanakala and Suma. Readers and fans of the famous Anchor Summa have the right to know whether or not to say so. By its appearance, reports of a divorce between Suma and Rajiv are not true, rather it is a scandal that spreads over the Internet like wildfire.

In addition, Summa-Rajiv is a famous couple when it comes to the Telugu film industry. The work profile of Suma and her husband Rajiv is completely different, Suma is a significant anchor while Rajiv is a popular actor in the industry, which is probably the reason why the couple gets into discussion almost immediately when there is a rumor or a fact. As far as the couple's marital status is concerned, their two children, a son and a daughter are together and they are happily married.


What is the truth

Some chat websites around the country wrote about the confrontation between the couple due to Suma's growing career compared to Rajiv's. The gossip also states that the couple is staying away from each other due to the intense ego clash.

Rajeev came up in an interview where he revealed that they, like any other couple, had a quarrel. However, the actor is in complete shock when he sees a rumor spread like wildfire on the Internet without any credibility.

In addition, this is not the first time such rumors are circulating on the Internet. There is an urgent need to spread the rumor as it also affects the lives of the artists of the country.



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