Disenchantment Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything Else


Disenchantment, a popular animated fantasy sitcom series intended for viewers over the age of 18. The series is a weird black comedy with rehashed humor and it's streaming on Netflix. Matt Gro Ning has created a series that is popular for other works such as The Simpsons and Futurama.

When does the third season of disenchantment kick off?

The third season of Disenchantment will be released on Netflix in September 2020 this year. Moreover, the third season will follow the same release time as the second season, i.e. in September 2019. Official confirmation is still pending but fans are sure that the third season will be released later that year this year.

Official trailer for Disenchantment Season 3

The official seasonal trailer for the third season of Disenchantment is still released by Netflix. However, people can enjoy a second season on Netflix so far.


The cast of Disenchantment Season 3

Princess Tiabni is the main protagonist of the MariaBenny alias Princess Bean Disenchantment Series Through her appearance, the role of Princess Bean is shown by Abby Jacobson. Moreover, Jacobson is very popular for his contributions to "Broad City."

Shown by Princess Bean's naive companion, Alfon Net Faxo. Moreover, Fox is widely known for his work on the second acclaimed series 'The Descendants'. Additionally, John DiMaggio, Trace Mac Connell and Sharon Horgan will reprise their roles in the third season.

Plot of Disenchantment Season 3

The princess is being exposed to her duties; However, she was busy drinking alcohol the whole time. Princess Bean is about to kick off her third season with her vampire and demon friends.



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