Dikkilu’s release date, poster, cast, trailer, plot and more


Dikkiluna is a Tamil comedy film which is set to release in December 2020. The film was directed by Karthik Yogi. The cast of the film includes Santhanam and Harbhajan Singh. The movie is also called Dikkilona. The trailer of the film was released in the South by Sony Music on August 21, 2020. The trailer of the film has received good praise from the people as we can see 53k likes and 400k views on YouTube.

Dikkilo's cast

Along with Santhanam in the lead role, the film also stars Anaga, Shirin Kanchwala, Yogi Babu, Anand Raj, Ramdos, Rajendran, Chitra Laxman, Shah Ra, Arun Alexander, Nizalgal Ravi and Prashant in supporting roles. Cricketer, Harbhajan Singh is seen playing a guest role in the film, as we can witness from t he trailer.


Lead actor Santhanam has played many comedy roles in his previous films. His laughter time grabs people's attention. Now that he is seen playing the lead role, we can expect more joy from his magical words and expressions. The cinematography of the film is by Arvi and edited by Jomin.

The music of the film was given by the young Shankar Raja. We’ve had fun with chartbusters that were composed by him earlier in his movies. So people expect a piece of good music from him in this film.

Dikkilo's trailer

The trailer says the movie is on a time travel. As shown in the trainer, Santnam is seen traveling through a time machine which has been created by scientists as shown in the trailer. The head of scientists described that he went back to the year of marriage, to change the events that took place in his life. Watch the film to experience the twists and turns beautifully written by Karthik Yogi.



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