Devolina and Nikki Tamboli clash over house rules in Bigg Boss


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The workout in Bigg Boss is still in full swing. The people of the house live on the basic food items provided by Big Boss. To get luxury items, they have to follow the rules and earn points for their respective teams. The Red team led by Rubina and the Yellow team led by Rahul – both these teams are doing their best to ensure that this task is won. They try to deceive other members to break the rules and into points because in this work.

Bigg Boss is constantly tempting his housemates by placing food items inside the house. When they are presented with sweets, each prisoner rushes in and can catch a bite! When Ruby tries to maintain order as a leader, Nikki dashes and takes the pastry. The householders are alive and Ellie is extremely annoyed that the leaders cannot maintain order. Arshi and Rakhi also quarrel over sweets. Eli and Rahul blame Rubina for not stopping Nikki. When other housemates haven't eaten sweets, Nikki eats them!


Devolina is irritated and upset about this and yells at Nikki to endanger the household rations. An unsuspecting Nicky calls back to Divolina and says she doesn't care. In fact, he works very casually and spends time indoors while others are locked out. His own teammate Ally is unhappy with his actions. Nikki even teases Devolina which gives her more excitement than that! Their ongoing feud doesn’t seem to be over!

Has Nikkei really put the work at risk? How long will Nikki and Devolina's quarrel last?

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