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Deepika Chikhaliya Biography* Deepika screams Who was born 29 April 1965 In Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He was an art lover from an early age. She played her part Sita's mother One of India's most famous theatrical history TV shows RamayanaGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Through this show his name was spread all over the country and he was in the interest of all IndiansGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Biography of Deepika Chikhaliya, Age, Husband, Children, Family, Ramayana and more, Boyfriends, Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Book of Ramayana.

After receiving such great recognition from Ramayana, He had the opportunity to work in many Bollywood films. Within this career, he has also worked in many films. In 1983, it was his first film Sun Marie Laila Bollywood Movies. He has done 3 super hit movies together Rajesh Khanna till now. Which is a huge achievement. Rupees ten crores, Ka ra ka lamp, And ExcavationGeneral Chat Chat Lounge He has also worked with him Malayalam The movie that came Ethyl Inium Wolf (1986)General Chat Chat Lounge Mammootty He also worked in the film. Deepika Chikhaliya brother.

Apart from this the actress has worked in many Kannada films. Who have had great success in this industry Hossa's life (1990), With Shankar Nag And Indrajith (1989), With Amberish He has worked in all these films, the film has earned a good deal on office fees. He has worked in these as well Tamil Industry, The film whose name was Nungle (1992) With Lord Ganesha. He has also worked with superstars Naresh Kanodia In Bengali Movie Shame writing And GujaratiGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

If we talk about his personal life, his father's name is Rajesh T. Chikhaliya And the mother's name is her brother and sister. Brother's name is Himanshu screamed And the sister's name is Aarti ChikhaliyaGeneral Chat Chat Lounge This is his family. Apart from this Husband Is a Businessman Named Hemant Topiwala Which is a very big Indian entrepreneurGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Biography of Deepika Chikhaliya, Age, Husband, Children, Family, Ramayana and more
Biography of Deepika Chikhaliya, Age, Husband, Children, Family, Ramayana and more

Deepika Chikhaliya Biography and Wiki

Birth name Deepti screams
Other names Deepika Topiwala
Business (s) Film actress, politician
Famous roles "SitaRamayana as a series of stories

Body stats and more

Height (approx.) Feet & Inches – 5.1 "
Eye Colors Brown
Hair colors Black


Political party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
The Political Journey In 1991, Baroda was in the constituency as a member of the Lok Sabha.

Personal life

birth date 29 April 1965 (Thursday)
Age (as of 2020) 54 years
Birthplace Bombay (Maharashtra), India
Zodiac Taurus
Nationality Indian
Hometown Mumbai
College College / University Bombay University (now Mumbai University)
Educational Qualification BA
Religion Hinduism
Breed General
Address 46, Presidency Society, Kashiwishwanath, N.S. Road No 7, Juhu Yojana, Mumbai-400049.
Interests and hobbies Reading, traveling, singing, drawing
Tattoo He made this tattoo in love with his father. In which the father's love is mentioned with a hen.

Relationships and more

Marital status Married
Matters / Boyfriends Don't know
Wedding date 22 November 1991
Relationships and more


Spouse mother father
Hemant Topiwala (businessman)
Children Son– Nothing
Daughter (s)– Nidhi Topiwala (makeup artist) and Juhi Topiwala
Daughter (s) - Nidhi Topiwala (Make Up Artist) and Juhi Topiwala
mother father Father– Rajesh T. Chikhaliya
Mother– The name is not known
Mother- name not known
Siblings Deepika Chikhaliya brother– Himanshu Chikhaliya
Sister– Aarti Chikhaliya

Favorite things

Food Black
Politician Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Sushma Swaraj
Sports Badminton, swimming, table tennis
Travel destinations Canada, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal, UK And USA
Deepika Chikhaliya Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Family, Ramayana and more "Class =" WP-Image - 4682૨
Biography of Deepika Chikhaliya, Age, Husband, Children, Family, Ramayana and more


His career has been very strong. He faced many problems in his life. It is helping them make a good living. She became popular after working in the TV show, Story Grandparents key story, Which came after 1985 RamayanaGeneral Chat Chat Lounge God grandpa (1986), Art Business Gore Log (1986) got a supporting role in the ETC movie, in which he had the opportunity to play the role "Sita”In Ramayana After a good job. He has shown his subtlety Record and Battle In Dad NationalGeneral Chat Chat Lounge He has done many such acts Hinduism

General Chat Chat Lounge Deepika Chikhaliya's husband

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Ka ra ka lamp

Ka ra ka lamp 1967 Bollywood Films

Asha O'Bhalobasha "class =" wp-image-4684
Asha O Bhalobasha

Asha O Bhalobasha 1989 Bengali films

Year Movies Language Role
A. 983 Sun Marie Laila Hindi
B.1985 Stone Hindi
C.1986 Scream Hindi
D.1986 Godfather Hindi Peace
E.1986 Sans Sansar Hindi
F.1986 Ethyl Inium Wolf Malayalam Dear
G9987 At night or at night I did Hindi Sexy Rosie
H.1987 Admit Barry Bheel Hummer Bhojpuri
I.1989 Indrajith Kannada
J. 1989 Ka ra ka lamp Hindi Hope
K.1989 Asha O Bhalobasha Bengali Conv
.9989 Yamapasam Telugu
M.990 Hossa's life Kannada Sita as Shankar's wife
N.1990 Paria Idathu Pillai Tamil
O.1991 Kala Chakra Kannada
P.1991 Brahmashi Vishwamitra Telugu
Q.1991 Rupees ten crores Hindi Secretary of Ravi / Hastinapur Ki Rani
R.1992 Nungle Tamil
S.1994 Excavation Hindi Padmini Raj Anand
T19989 Stay connected with Raj Gujarati
U.1992 Shame writing Gujarati
V. 2018 Galib Hindi
W2018 Offended Gujarati
X.2019 Bala Hindi Sushila Mishra (mother of fairy)

Some other facts Deepika Chikhaliya

So that's it Shopper, Through this article, you have told me all the information about this actress. Then it comes now. To find out some of its facts and some important information, I also tell you that this article will be completed later. Through this article, you will find a veil over the entire information, which is not very big websites in front of you. So I thought to give you this information. So this operation has also been completed. Deepika Chikhaliya's husband

  • Deepika screams Have a good painter and authorGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Our Prime Minister has also been honored with this painting Narendra ModiGeneral Chat Chat Lounge
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When I had the opportunity to gift a painting to our dear Prime Minister, I gifted Mr. #Narendra Modi # My # painting # Ananda # Honor # Om #Positiveness #MyPins #MyPainting # Attention # Art # Artist # Actor ## Delhi # Mumbai # Kolkata # Chennai #throwback #General Chat Chat Lounge "Class =" wpp-smiley "style =" height height: 1 mm; Max-height: 1 m

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  • He also participated "Ramanandasagar" Book Publication. This is the part of the Ramayana that has been told by people through this book.
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Book written by Ramanandasagar, his son Pram Sagar and Shiv Sagar grandson of Ramanand Sagar #Sivasagar #SagarWorld # Ram #Sita #TiddleWave #Artists #Nostalgic … Ramayana artist and crew General Chat Chat Lounge "Class =" wpp-smiley "style =" height height: 1 mm; Max-height: 1 m…. Now for now, don't miss reading this .. That Ramanand ji's life is catching you .. and how General Chat Chat Lounge "Class =" wpp-smiley "style =" height height: 1 mm; Max-height: 1 mEnjoy reading General Chat Chat Lounge "Class =" wpp-smiley "style =" height height: 1 mm; Max-height: 1 m

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Deepika Chikhaliya Social Media

Do you have any information about this? Superstar Social media account, then I'm going to inform you. After which you can see all their updates through this layer of social media. And you also know about his movies and TV shows. So let's know about this star, how many followers her social media account has had so far.

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