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Do you know who Kariminati (today Nagar) is? So today I am talking about Indian No. 1 YouTuber and the most popular Indian Roasting King. The full name of Kariminati today is Nagar which comes from Delhi. If we talk about the professor of carminati, he is an Indian popular roasting youtuber and gaming live streamer who always streams live streams. Invincible Roast is so popular that people wait to see their videos. His video is full of comedy and some funny reactions. The ones with which it is baked become more popular in a short time. Ajay Nagar launched his YouTube channel on 30th 2014. The channel currently has over +24.00 million subscribers. So, in some details, I will give information about Criminal Biography, YouTuber, Lifestyle, Age, Weight, Instagram, Girlfriends, Tiktok vs YouTube, Income, Height, Net Worth and Wiki.

Criminal Biography, YouTuber, Lifestyle, Age, Height, Net Worth and Wiki

If you look, there is hardly anyone on YouTube who doesn't know Criminality. Because of this invincible comedy roast, the people on their YouTube channel are very attractive. Ajay Nagar comes from a middle class family. He has seen a lot of struggle in his life. He has worked hard for his YouTube channel.

Cariminati (invincible town) biography and wiki

Kariyaminati was born on Saturday, June 12, 1999 in Faridabad, Haryana. He was very fond of gaming from his childhood. He had no interest in reading and writing, he always liked to play gaming, besides he was very interested in football. He also knew a lot of tips and tricks related to football, so he wanted to access his skills through YouTube. Carminati launched its YouTube channel on October 30, 2014 DPS, Faridabad, Haryana School In 2016. but at the time Class-XII Board Examination, He did not take the exam to make his YouTube career. He also felt very bad about it, but after moving on everything went well. Today is a Bachelor of Arts student. Today the zodiac signs are the Gemini Caraminati Biography.

Real name Today Nagar
Customer +23.9 million subscribers
Most viewed +1,640,160,260 views
Occupation (s) YouTuber, Actor And Wrapper

Personal life

birth date June 12, 1999
Age (as of 2020) 21 years
Place of birth Faridabad, Haryana, Delhi
Zodiac sign Gemini
Nationality Indian
Hometown Faridabad, Haryana, Delhi
College Ledge / University 12 board exams (drop-out)
Educational Qualification 11 passes
Religion Hinduism
Race Khetriya
School DPS, Faridabad, Haryana School
Track "Buy PDP" in 2019
"Trigger" in 2019
"Life" in 2020
"Warrior" in 2020
"Yalgar" in 2020
YouTube career 30th 2014 Oct 2014 (Roasting Videos)
Interests and hobbies Gaming, travel
Social media ✅Instagram, ✅ YouTube, ✅ Twitter

Physical appearance and more

If we talk about the health of carminati it is a fitness youtube. They don't care much about their health. Their height is 5.5 inches and weighs 65 kg which is very good. Apart from this, her hair color is black and her eye color is black. He has "Nama: Shivai:" tattoos on his right hand which he showed in his YouTube fanfest.

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He height (approx.) 5.5 inches
Weight (approx.) 65 kg
Size of shoes Size 7
Physical measurement Don't know
Hair colors Black
Eye Colors Black

Criminal family and relationship

Ajay comes from a middle class family. He has 4 members in his house. Carrie has a f ather and a mother. Apart from this he has an older brother Yash Nagar

Who becomes Record Producer / DJ Music, It is also called Willie Frenzy. If we talk about the relationship, we have not yet found the right information. Its business manager is Deepak Char, who runs an advertising company. Criminal Biography

Father Don't know
Mother Don't know
Marital status Un-married
Brother Yash Nagar (record producer / DJ music) Willie Krodhavesh
Business administrator Deepak Char

Criminal lifestyle

Life in the invincible town has been very conflicted. He has faced a lot of failures. Today he has a car of his own, named Toyota Fortuner, Which you may have seen in all the videos. The price of this car is Rs.00 30.00 lakh which is much higher. Criminal lifestyle

Carrie is a live YouTube channel

In addition to its official facial channel, there is also a gaming channel by the name Carry is live This channel started this gaming channel on January 8, 2017. Today, it has over +6.39 million, subscribing to gaming channels. Criminal Biography

Customer +6.39 million
Views +593,554,55 views


Ajay Nagar’s career is like an inspirational story. When he did this, he had to become a YouTuber, then he would make football related videos on his YouTube channel. At the same time, this video was playing a lot. This type of video was not liked by the Indian audience, so people did not watch his video. The name of this channel "STEThFeArzZ". After this failure, it did not stop here. He started a new YouTube channel. This channel did not have one Addict 1 Which is still a username Criminality Channel. On this channel, it was mingling Sunny Deol And Hrithik Roshan With gaming videos. Because of his funny comment, people started liking him. People started seeing his mimicry rather than his game.

He then surfed the internet and saw an international YouTube roast video that was new to YouTube. There was no such video in India. Kerry renamed his channel Carrie Deol, He started baking on this channel, this video was becoming more popular. After that, Carrie changed her channel name once to this Criminality.

Once, he made a roast video on India’s # 1 YouTube Bhuban Bom, this video played a key role in making it a success. Once, he faced a huge problem, which no one wants to live with YouTuber. Those who took the video of the roasting videos took permission from the original creator of the video. But one day he got a copyright pyrite strike, he saved his channel 3 times as he wished. In 2017, it found YouTube Gold play button After 1 million subscribers.


It has brought a lot Distrax Which was very popular on his channel. In 2019, it released a disc track against the world's No. 1 YouTube PUDP named 'Buy PUDPP', a video that was also very popular. In 2019, the Criminal collaboration with Vibigor for the trigger "Trigger". Track "Yalgar" In 2020, along with his brother Willie Frenzy, the video was released, setting a record for the highest-rated personal creator on YouTube.

Tiktok vs YouTube

In 2020, spoiled controversy ticketed YouTube made them very popular in India and internationally. A ticket-breaking video was posted on his channel about Aamir Siddiqui. Watching this video set a record of 5 million likes in just 24 hours. His name was trending on Twitter #Carminatirostvideo. The Ticketk app suffered a lot of heat after his video, which was later downgraded to 1 star from the Google Play Store. Some people didn't like it because it was becoming a video record, so YouTube deleted the video. Cyber ​​threat And Offensive languages Used in the same video. Criminal Biography

Awards, records and achievements

Awards / Achievements TIME's 10 Next Generation Leaders in 2019
Tiktalk The End Video then has 2 million subscribers.
Record Yalgar prefers video the most among individual producers
Video 20 Top 20 Most Viewed Globally in 24 Hours

Criminality Net Worth and YouTube Revenue

A lot of people believe in Ajay, they are the first 1 YouTube creators in India, people buy whatever products they like. Therefore, big brands come for the promotion of their products. Invincible promotes MV brand. Recently, they have been promoting gaming smartphones Asus Brand of ROG MobileWhich is made for the game. They are also given a significant thirst for this promotion which is in the millions. In addition, they have up to income .1 37.1K – 4 594K A month their Criminality YouTube channel. After that, it happens K 11 K – 5 175.3K Through their other gaming channel (Carrie is live).

Criminality YouTube Revenue .1 37.1K – 4 594K * Approx
YouTube revenue Carrie is live K 11 K – 5 175.3K * Approx
Criminal net worth .00 40.00 lakh – .00 85.00 lakh * approx
Criminality YouTube Revenue


Criminality YouTube Revenue

Carry is live

Facts you never know Criminality

  • Do not drink alcohol

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