Commando 3B Office X Office Fees, Budget, Hit or Flop, Cast, Crew, Release and Story


Commando 3b Office X Office Fees Hi Shoppers Today, I am going to talk about the upcoming Bollywood action, thriller movie Commando 3 .., directed by Aditya Dutt and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah with Motion Picture Capital Production Company. (Commando 3 Cast), (Commando 3 Budget), (Commando 3 Hit and Flop)

Commando 3B Office X Office Fees, Budget, Hit or Flop, Cast, Crew, Release and Story

If we talk about this movie Commando 1 and Commando 2 after the success of its first series, now its part 3 is being brought to the screen.

Movie title Year Style Language
Commando 3 2019 Action, thriller Hindi
Director Cast IMDB rating Duration
Aditya Dutt Vidyut Jamwal,

Adah Sharma

Coming soon 2 h 15 min

Commando 3b Office X Office Fees Story / Trailer & Poster:

Now I am going to talk about the story trailer and poster of this movie. Through which you can get some information about this film. If we talk about the photography of this movie, it was shot in September 2018 in New York, London.

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  • Commando 3 Teaser:

Talking about its recording, it started in 2018. The film will hit theaters in November 2019.

Roles, crew and star cast:

If you want to know more about the role cast and crew members of this film, read this post carefully. I have told you about the trailer of this movie and I have also told you what the story will be like. Now I will tell you about the star cast of this movie.

  • Star cast and roll:

Speaking of Starcast, you will see Vidyut Jamwal, Adah Sharma and Gulshan Devyi in it: it is based on the character of this film.

Star cast Role
Vidyut Jamwal Commando Karanveer Singh Dogra
Adah Sharma Inspector Bhawana Reddy
Angira Dhar Malika
Gulshan Devaiya Coming soon
Rajesh Tailang Roy Roy
Vicky Kadian Wiki
Abhilash Chaudhary Timur
Sumit Thakur Armaan
Mark Bennington Alvin
  • Director, producer and writers
Director Aditya Dutt
Creator Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Ashin a. Shah Ravichand Nallappa, Pradeep Jaiswal, Sachin Sawla, Laur Vaise
Authors Darius Yermill, Junaid Wasi
  • Another crew member
Star casting Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Angira Dhar, Gulshan Devaiya
Music by Mannan Shah, Vikram Montrose
Cinematography Mark Hamilton
Edited by Sandeep ugly
Product Motion Picture Capital
Company Reliance Entertainment
Delivered by Reliance Entertainment
Release date 29 November 2019
Country India
Language Hindi

All lyrics / music videos:

I have told you about this film about the star cast and its director and producer. So right now I am going to share this song for the movie. You will find information about this song in the following boxes. Mannan Shah has composed the soundtrack of the film.

And his songs have been composed by Sahil Sultanpuri, Abhendrakumar Upadhyay, Azim Shirazi and Vikram Montroz. (Commando 3 Movie)

Compose Lyrics
Mannan Shah Sahil Sultanpuri, Abhendrakumar Upadhyay, Azim Shirazi, and Vikram Montroz
Label Zee Music Company

ForecastPublishing, budgeting and office fees:

I want you to know about the song and soundtrack of this movie. Now I am going to talk to him about the collection and budget of his release date b office x office fees. This information is important to everyone. Through which you can enjoy the movie. (Commando 3 cast)

  • Release Date:

I have given you a lot of information, I will tell you about the release date of this movie. In this, you will know all the dates. If we talk about the release date, the date of this movie will be in theaters on November 29, 2019. Earlier its date was kept in September, now it has been extended till November. (Commando 3 budget)


Before Then
September 2019 November 29, 2019 (Deadline)
  • Budget and forecast:

So let's talk a little bit about its budget and forecast and find out what its total budget is. If we talk about its budget, we have not yet got the information properly, but I can tell you a little amount, by which you can guess. (Commando 3 budget)

Budget: Cr 29 crore
Forecast budget: કરોડ 19 crore
Prints and advertising costs: ₹ 05 crore
Landing costs: ₹ 05 crore
Free in screens: Is 2450

Office X Office Fee Collection:

Maybe you got all the information. So now I can give you some information about his collection of office fees. The first film in the Commando series has done very well at the box office. But it remains to be seen how much Commando 3's office x fee collection is. Can he earn above his budget? After the release of this movie, I will give you all the information related to it. (Commando 3 cast)

  • Country by Office x Office Fee Collection:
# Country Office Fees Country Total Collection
1. (India) . 32.30 crore
  • Total storage:
Collection Collection (foreign)
. 42.50 crore 50 5.50 crore

Hit / Flop:

Now I have given you information about his office x office fee collection. So we check the hit and flop of Commando 3. And let's try to find out how much he has collected and whether he is able to earn more than his budget. I am going to give you all this information within this post. So, if you read this post carefully, this post may prove to be better for you. (Commando 3 hits and flops)

Hit / flop Flop

Social Media Review of this movie:

If you want accurate information about any film, the best way to do this is Twitter, a trusted platform for social media. In this, you can get accurate information. So I understand this movie exactly and I will show you some social media tweets.

Tweet number 1:

Tweet number 2:

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