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Description Cello PTT Walk Key Talkie

Remember those days as a child, where you would play with your friends. Play camping, army, spies and many other kinds of games and facilities. In all these cases something specific was asked for, but what could it be? Walk Key Talkie Radio. Was it Zello to download whether it is nostalgia or not makes this great.

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Zello is a radio application that allows you to contact and call your friends remotely. Communication works seamlessly, you'll use it on traditional phone calls and texting. Zello, only FB Messenger calls for his money.

How to use Zello

Here’s a quick step to teaching you how to use the Zello Radio app. Follow along and you will learn exactly how the app works and you too can interact seamlessly with your friends:

  1. Download and install the application. Of course, you can start using Zello, unless you download the app first. Download and install from this page.
  2. Once you've installed and opened the app, you'll need to sign up for an account to start chatting.

Zello-APK-latest version

  1. There will be multiple channels displayed, select your desired channel and connect it. There will be a circle in the middle of the screen. This determines if you want to join the chat. Beeps indicate when a person is speaking.
  2. However, if you want to talk to your friends in private, you can also create your own channel. If you want to make the channel public or private, you can also filter the age and password.

Zello features

  • You get real-time and high-quality streaming with everyone involved with the call. We know that low key talkies can be annoying at times with their low quality. But, this does not exist when using the application. It's almost better than making real phone calls to your friends.
  • You can share your voice voice conversations on various social media accounts.


  • Additionally, contacts are available and lesson locations will be displayed. You can get text notifications, as well as see everyone and anyone available for a call.
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  • Up to 6000 users can be on a public or private channel at a time. To be honest you know 6000 people too. Imagine all the craziness and chaos that would go on keeping many people in just one chat.
  • Also, there is an option to toggle PTT (push to talk). With a simple tap of your device, you can get in touch with anyone connected to its device.
  • You also get call alerts. When someone tries to contact you and you're not available, a quick message will tell you who missed you.
  • There is also a history, a record of everyone who contacted you before you started using the app.
  • Pressure instructions are also one thing. You will receive the latest news on any updates, previous calls or anything in between.
  • Full Bluetooth headset support is available. So, you don't have to keep your honey as you talk. However, this feature is only compatible with devices of choice. Not all Android phones are able to use this feature.

Zello-download for Android

  • You can use Zello over WiFi and over 2G, 3G and 4G mobile data networks.

Zello APK Free Download

To get a few extra benefits of the app, you can get the Zello Vallo Key Talkie APK for Android. However, there is one notable addition to APK files – a small file size. This leads to faster installation and less data usage.

So, revive the proud days of childhood and download the Xello APK, Android version now.

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