Bollywood BFFs Collection Collection 2020-2021 Report and India


So Shopper today, I am going to inform you in this post about Bollywood office fees collection from 2020 to 2021. Whatever movie has been released so far, I will tell you about its optimized budget, production cost and cost of printing. Bollywood B Fis Collection 2020-2021 Report and Verdict India

So many movies have come out in 2020, you know. So to get a better sense of this, I will tell you one by one about these Bollywood movie office office collection. Which you won't find anywhere else. So, therefore, I will give you all the information about the collection of office fees. So you must read this post by the deadline.

Bollywood B Fis Collection 2020-2021 Report and Verdict India

Movie name BOXC FISH Collection [Budget+production[BUDGET+PRODUCTION[બજેટ+ઉત્પાદન[BUDGET+PRODUCTION Hit or flop
Slap 5 million 35 crores
Happy Mars Extension 47 crores 50 crores
Ghost Haunted Ship 28.65 crores 30 million
Love nowadays 34.35 crores 65 crores
Tanhaji 270 crores 125 crores Blockbuster
Gardening 3 155 crores 55 crores Superhit
Bhishma 75 crores 35 crores

Bollywood BOX OF FISH Collection 2020

So now we know about some of the top collections Bollywood box officeGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Which is going to keep you updated Bollywood IndustryGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The Bollywood industry is a very big industry. Many movies are released these days. So now it comes to which movie has collected the most inside India, which is a good and true film.

Movies Office fees Office fees Budget Hit or flop
Love nowadays .3 34.35 Cr. C 65 Cr. Flop
Tanhaji 0 270.15Cr C 125 Cr. Blockbuster
Malang .6 55.65 Cr. C 50Cr On average
Jaaneman to go .3 26.35 Cr. General Chat Chat Lounge 40Cr Flop
Street Dancer .2 71.27 Cr. C 95 CR Flop
The wheel General Chat Chat Lounge 21.75Cr C 45 CR Flop
Printer General Chat Chat Lounge 32 C.R. C 45 CR Flop
Good News 3. 197.3Cr C 105Cr Super hit
Ala Vaikunthapuramulu 8 238 C.R. General Chat Chat Lounge 100 cr. Blockbuster
Cirilleuru Nikkevaru 7 157.8Cr General Chat Chat Lounge 100 cr. Super hit
Court 9149.9 C.R. C 89 Cr. Super hit
Dabangg 3 8 138.1 C.R. C 125 Cr. On average
Star Wars 9 .5 100.5Cr 95 1,958 C.R. Flop
Mordani 2 C 44 CR C 30 CR Hit
Jumanji 2 989.4Cr 50 450Cr Blockbuster
Husband Patni W R Waugh General Chat Chat Lounge 76.75Cr General Chat Chat Lounge 40Cr Hit
Panipat .1 32.15 Cr. C 85 CR Disaster
Commando 3 C 130Cr C 30 CR Blockbuster
Madman General Chat Chat Lounge 32.75Cr C 54 CR Disaster
Bala 1 111.8Cr C 45 CR Super hit
Frozen 2 9269.3 C.R. C 198Cr Hit
Bigil (Tamil) C 198Cr General Chat Chat Lounge 140Cr Hit
Marijuana .4 44.45 C.R. C 50Cr Flop
Cataclysmic cataclysm C 2 CR C 18 CR Flop
Housefull 4 4 204Cr C 125 Cr. Super hit
War (Hindi) 5 475Cr C 200 CR Blockbuster
Made in China .4 10.4 C.R. C 30 CR Flop
Exquisite kiss .2 10.2 C.R. C 15 CR Flop
The key to the eye General Chat Chat Lounge 19.95Cr C 28 CR Flop

Office Office Office Fees Collection 2020

Red captain C 2 CR C 20 CR Flop
Sky is pink C 20 CR C 30 CR Flop
Joker General Chat Chat Lounge 630Cr 9389 Hit
CE Narasimha Reddy (Hindi) .5 10.5Cr C 200 CR Flop
Dream Girl 6 136.05Cr C 30 CR Super hit
Shit 8 138.9 C.R. C 65 Cr. Super hit
Zoya Factor 9 2.9Cr C 30 CR Disaster
Saho (Hindi) 3 433.6 C.R. General Chat Chat Lounge 350Cr Super hit
Mission Mars 3 193.2 C.R. General Chat Chat Lounge 100 cr. Super hit
Butla House General Chat Chat Lounge 90 C.R. General Chat Chat Lounge 75 C.R. Hit
Forced pair C 16 CR C 30 CR Flop
Hobbes and shows General Chat Chat Lounge 5,504Cr 4 1,400Cr Blockbuster
Super 30 3 143.55Cr 9 109 C.R. Hit
Judgmental hai kya .2 32.25 Cr. C 35 CR Flop
Kabir Singh 9379 C.R. General Chat Chat Lounge 60Cr Blockbuster
The Lion King , 8,790Cr 5 295 C.R. Blockbuster
Spider-Man from home , 10,589Cr General Chat Chat Lounge 1,095Cr Blockbuster
Article 15 General Chat Chat Lounge 62.75Cr C 28 CR Hit
Annabelle came home 200 1,200 c.r. C 198Cr Super hit
Bharat .3 201.3 C.R. C 125 Cr. Hit
Man in Black International 48 1,489 C.R. 68 768Cr Super hit
Game over (All Languages) C 11 CR C 22 CR Flop
X-Men: Dark Phoenix 50 1,505Cr 4 1,400Cr On average
Godzilla 2 70 2,707Cr General Chat Chat Lounge 1,090Cr Super hit
Aladdin General Chat Chat Lounge 7,089Cr 28 1,281Cr Blockbuster
India's Most Wanted .0 10.05Cr C 37 CR Flop
Court 7 247.8Cr C 200 CR Flop
English Key Taye Tai Fissus C 2 CR General Chat Chat Lounge 5 cr. Flop
Acid (amazing courage in distress) General Chat Chat Lounge 1 cr. C 4 CR Flop
Sub skilled Mars .5 7.5Cr C 15 CR Flop

Office Office Office Fees Collection 2020

Modi Cr 20 million C 15 CR On average
Student of the Year 2 General Chat Chat Lounge 66.85Cr General Chat Chat Lounge 75 C.R. Flop
Avengers and Game ₹ 19,586Cr 49 2,492 C.R. Blockbuster
Stigma .5 76.5 C.R. General Chat Chat Lounge 150Cr Flop
Happy Hardy and Heer General Chat Chat Lounge 5 cr. General Chat Chat Lounge 10 cr. Disaster
Hunting C 12 CR C 25 CR Flop
Blind (China) 5 335Cr C 25 CR Hit
Jay Mom Di General Chat Chat Lounge 3 cr. C 20 CR Disaster
Dolittle 59 1,598 C.R. 25 1,253Cr Hit
Romeo akbar varter C 53 CR C 35 CR Hit
Ghost Part One .5 39.5Cr C 50Cr Disaster
Gardening 3 5 135Cr C 85 CR Super hit
Succeeded C 2 CR General Chat Chat Lounge 7 C.R. Disaster
Kesari 1 151.5Cr General Chat Chat Lounge 100 cr. Hit
Bad boy 3 693 C.R. 2 462Cr Hit
Shazam 5 2,562 Cr. 2 692 C.R. Super hit
Forest 3. 20.35Cr C 30 CR Flop
Notebook 7 3.7Cr C 20 CR Flop
Captain Marvel , 7,896Cr 0 1,025Cr Blockbuster
Change .4 82.4 C.R. C 24 CR Super hit
Photograph ₹ 1.05Cr C 20 CR Disaster
Lukka silence .4 83.45Cr C 25 CR Super hit
Total blow 9 149.7Cr C 105Cr Hit
Sonchiria 5.5 5.5Cr C 30 CR Flop
Street boy 4 134.3 C.R. General Chat Chat Lounge 75 C.R. Super hit
Ri Ri 3 243.24 C.R. General Chat Chat Lounge 42 C.R. Blockbuster
Beads .2 94.27 C.R. C 125 Cr. Flop
Elita Battle Angel 8 2,828Cr General Chat Chat Lounge 1,190Cr Super hit
Look at a girl ₹ 19 C.R. C 35 CR Flop
Thackeray (Hindi) C 15 CR C 30 CR Flop
Cheat India .5 8.5Cr C 27Cr Flop
Accidental Prime Minister C 21 CR C 30 CR Flop
Simba C 400Cr General Chat Chat Lounge 80 C.R. Blockbuster
Outbreaks General Chat Chat Lounge 3,276 cr. 45 945Cr Blockbuster
Bhishma 5 205Cr 5 145Cr Super hit
Shimla Mirchi C 15 CR C 20 CR Disaster
Get the wreckage .5 6.5Cr General Chat Chat Lounge 8 Cr. Disaster
The Sky is Pink .4 34.4 C.R. C 45 CR Flop
Article 375 General Chat Chat Lounge 22.30Cr C 20 CR On average
Tashkent files .4 17.4 C.R. General Chat Chat Lounge 9 C.R. Hit

So it's the wives that I told you about some of the top 100 Bollywood and Hollywood office fish collections within this post. In this article, I have given you very good information. Which you won't find anywhere else. So I hope you like this article.


Bollywood Office Box Office 2020 Collection

I know you want to go one step all the time. So, I'm going to tell you about the next movie by your guess. This information is from an Indian movie. In this article, you will find the revenue on the office fees of any movie that is to be released in India in this article. You must read this post for the last time, it has some interesting facts hidden, which will help you in the future.

Movies Office Office Office fee collection Movie budget Hit or flop
Trolls World Tour ₹ 68 cr * root ₹ 35 cr * root Hit
Elephant mare mate ^ 78Cr * Route C 47 CR * Route Super hit
Love story 5 145Cr * root ₹ 89 cr * root Blockbuster
Upana ^ 78Cr * Route ₹ 42 cr * root On average
Trash ₹ 89 cr * root ₹ 90 cr * root Flop
State of Rama ₹ 71 cr * root ₹ 39 cr * root On average
Goddam ₹ 10 cr * root ₹ 38 cr * root Disaster
Red ₹ 189 cr * root ₹ 100 cr * root Blockbuster
Lootcase ₹ 65 cr * root ₹ 75 cr * root Flop


What is the archive of recent movies?

I just gave you information about some Rennet Office office fee collections. Housefull 3, Garden 3, Etc. The film remains a superhit on box office fees.

What is the Office Fees Collection in India?

Office Box Office Fish Collection India includes a complete collection of one movie. Movies releasing movie tickets in theaters. The revenue from that is called storage. In India, the total number of collections of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil and Telugu etc. are called office fees.

Saho flop?

Prabhas' Saho movie didn't flop. But he could not collect so much, his budget was 300 crores: he has collected about 400 crores on the box office fees. So Prabhas' Bahubali is more than what he has done.

Who is the No. 1 actor in Bollywood now?

If we talk about Bollywood's No. 1 actor, I think so far Karthik Aryan Is one of Bollywood's No. 1 actors. He has struggled a lot in his life. He plays a very good role and everyone loves his movie. So according to me the No. 1 actor.

Which film has the highest collection in India?

Talking about India's highest movie collection. So far the blockbuster movie from India's superhit, Baahubali 2, in which the South's superstar Prabhas played a leading role. His Phil has a collection 1,489Cr No other film has reached its figures.


I have given you the information in this article, it contains data from some websites. This is not my complete copyright pirate. I got this information from some popular websites. The ray I gave you in this, I told you during my own research. If you want to know something else, you can talk to us in our contact bins.

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