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Like Hollywood Hollywood, India has a leading film industry and Indians love to watch movies. Many people prefer to watch movies online and download movies instead of going to the hall to watch a movie. There are many websites offering this feature to users. Bollyshare is a similar website that offers its users the latest Hindi, Tamil, Hollywood and other language movies.

Bollyshare does not compromise on concerns as well as the wishes of the movie-loving crowd. At no charge, anyone can download their favorite movies in very short time depending on the speed of the internet. But, remember that this is a pirated website and piracy in India is illegal and this is the reason why the Government of India has already blocked many domains of this website.

How does it work?

Bollyshare is one of the most popular movie download sites in India. Advertising is the main source of revenue for this website. There are several pop-up ads that appear when users visit a website. Ads are very attractive with useful headlines and images so that users click on them. This is how website owners get paid per ad and overall, they get a pretty good amount every month.

Styles / Categories leaked by Bollyshare

In Bollyshare, all movies are categorized very well so that the user can easily view or download them. This website leaks movies in the following genres / categories:

  • Telugu Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Telugu Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • TV shows
  • Malay Cushion Malayalam Movies
  • Comedy Movies
  • Adventure Movies
  • Horror movies and many more.

Bollyshare: Movie Format and Size

To best meet its user needs, Bollyshare offers movies in various formats as well as sizes. These are listed below:

Movie Format:

  • HDRip
  • Blu ray
  • 420 p
  • 720 p
  • 1080p

Movie Size:

  • 4GB Dimension Films
  • 2GB Dimension Movies
  • 1GB Dimension Movies
  • 600 MB Dimension Movies
  • 400 MB Dimension Movies
  • 300 MB Dimension Movies

Recent leaks by Bolichere

The following are some recent leaks by Bollyshare:

Latest Tamil Telugu Movies:

  • Maharishi
  • Lucifer
  • Pause
  • Vada Chennai
  • Adanga mara
  • 96
  • Come back
  • Kolamawu Kokila
  • Geeta Govindam
  • Srinivas Kalyanam

Latest Hollywood English Movies:

  • Dora and the Lost City
  • Chapter two of that
  • Angry Birds Movie 2
  • Advertisement
  • Joker
  • Hustlers
  • 47 meters down
  • Rambo – The Last Blood
  • Disgusting
  • Goldfinch
  • Gemini Man

Latest Bollywood Movies:

  • Commando 3
  • Yeh Sali Ashiqi
  • Cataclysmic cataclysm
  • Madman
  • Bala
  • Marijuana
  • Sattalite Shankar
  • The Sky is Pink
  • Mission Mars
  • Snack

The latest bidirectional domain names, links, or extensions:

As you know, this is a pirated website. So in order not to be blocked by Google, Bolichair continues to change its links or extensions. Some of them are working and some are banned. So, below we are making a list of popular links or extensions for Bollyshare.

  • Bollyshare Shares
  • The Bollyshare Net
  • Bollyshare Bees
  • Bollyshare AC
  • BollyShare
  • Bollyshare Two
  • The Bollyshare Tale
  • The Bollyshare WS

Bidshare option:

Aside from BollyShare, there are many websites that provide viewing and downloading charges for the latest movies and watching. So, the following are some of Bollywood’s best options:

Is it legal to download movies from Bollyshare?

Of course, downloading movies from Bollyshare is illegal because a link to each movie is illegally uploaded to this website. As this is a pirated website and using a pirated website is a punishable offense according to Indian law. According to Indian copyright law, piracy, use or sale of any kind of content is a crime. You should strictly avoid these rented sites and move on to more authoritative alternatives like Amazon Maison, Netflix, Vote, SonyLIVE, Hotstar and many more.


This post is about safeguarding security and we do not support piracy. We urge our readers not to use such pirated websites as these are illegal sites. Moreover, we do not endorse or promote such websites in any way.



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