Billions Season 5: Release Date, Plot, Episode, Trailer and Cast


The broadcasting network, Showtime, has already announced that the critically acclaimed TV series will be back for a fifth season. Paul Giamatti is the main one in this series. Renewal was possible for the fifth season, as the series' viewership grows rapidly on many platforms.

Showtime Networks co-chair, Gary Levine has revealed that being a billion smart, fun and full of surprises becomes an addiction for people all over the world!

When will the fifth season of Billions be released?

The official statement of the Broadcasting Network indicates that billions will be released in the 3 months of 3rd May 2020 and the broadcast time is 9:00 am.

How many episodes will there be in Billions of Season 5?

The previous billions of asons include 12 special episodes. By the time sources are considered, the fifth season of The Billion will also feature 12 special episodes.


By its appearance, the first two episodes of the Billions have evolved and will premiere or air on May 3, 2020 and May 9, 2020, respectively. The remaining episodes have been put on TBD for now, mostly due to coronavirus outbreaks.

The cast of Billions Season 5

Damien Lewis will take on the role of Robert "Bobby" Axelrod and Paul Giamatti will return as Charles "Chuck" Rhoads, JR. The rest of the cast such as Maggie Siff, Toby Leonard Moore, Asia Kate Dillon, Malin Akerman and David Costabile will reprise their respective roles.

Balance Plot:

The characters have to pay a high price for their lives because they are going to meet their respective needs.



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