Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Host, Rival, Start Date, Time, Channel, Live Streaming – Everything You Need to Know


Bigg Boss Telugu Season all. For all the Telugu audience who got bored and felt low at home during this epidemic, it was a surprise of happiness. Big Boss is the kind of entertainment that people want during this lockdown.

So people have been eager to learn more about the show ever since the announcement. Such as who will host it, who will contest, when and where they watch this show etc. and we are here to answer all such questions. Read ahead.


Sources have confirmed that just like season three, Akken's Nagarjuna will also host season four. As we all know, one season was hosted by Junior NTR, and two seasons was hosted by actor Nani.


So far, we can't guarantee who will be on the show. But we will definitely be able to reveal to you the names of the people who are expected to be on the show. Below are the names of celebrities who are rumored to be part of the show.

  • Teenager
  • Varshini Sondrarajan
  • Mangli
  • All-meaningful
  • Rashmi Gautam
  • Actor Nandu
  • Thagubothu Ramesh
  • Deepa
  • Anchor Jhansi
  • Sudigali Sudhir

Some ordinary people along with celebrities are also expected to be a part of the show.

Start date and time

The reality show Some Gust is expected to start sometime. And the time is expected to be the same i.e. from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

TV channel and live streaming

You can watch Bigg Boss on the TV channel in Star. And if you want to stream the show online, it will be streamed on Disney + Hotstar. You need to have a premium subscription if you want to see it live.



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