Bigg Boss 14 28th January 2021 Written Update: Against Rubina and Abhinav Rakhi


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Today’s episode will open at 10 a.m. with the 118th day; Rakhi communicates with Nikki. She says she missed the innovation. Nikki Rakhi says that she herself made a distance from him. Rakhi asks Nikki if she says she wants to be Rubinav's slave. Nikki says she didn't say that.

11:45 AM; Rahul asks Nikki who she thinks will exclude him this time. Nikki says she is going out this time and she regrets losing a friend like her. Rahul says why would he lose it. Nikki says because they fought over small things.

Next, Vikas asks Rakhi what was his issue with Abhinav? Rakhi says it all started when the media came. Vikas and Rakhi have shared a talk with each other. Rakhi tells Vikas to do something so that his patch up happens between Rubina and Abhinav. Development says done.

3:15 p.m. Big Boss tells the inmates to gather in the garden area. BB BB reads the time loop task. The winner will get to use the restricted area. BB tells the prisoners to read the board outside there and behaves accordingly. He then asks Rubina to read the details of the task. Rubina reads and the prisoners listen to her.

3:45 p.m. Tell Rubina Alley that she is afraid of water. Ellie and Vikas say BB will cover her with her fears. Eli tells Rubina that he will save her. There Rahul and Arshi formulate a task strategy. Here, Nikki asks Rubina to give her coffee. Ruby gives to Nikki. Nikki says that she will go into hiding as Rahul is looking for her. Abhinav, on the other hand, tells Arshi that this work is not a game of being physical but a game of mind. Meanwhile, Archie hid the broom and asked Nikki to clean up the luggage area as per the task. Abhinav tells Rubina that he will hide the oil. Rubina told Abhinav directly that he did not want to apply oil. Abhinav says no one will agree with him.

4 p.m. Rahul and Nikki decided to break the innovation loop. Rubina looked at Nikki and warned the actor. There Rahul told Nikki to hide his broom from someone. Nikki asks the person's name. Rahul refused to tell Nikki. Nikki decides to play solo.

Afterwards, the buzzer rings and the work begins. Nikki, Arshi, Devvolina, Rahul and Ruby dance. Breaks the rule of innovation. Arshi tells Rahul that Abhi will become king as she dances with him. She adds because she doesn't want to play with Rakhi. Next, the prisoners behave according to the task details. Rakhi goes to Abhinav and asks him if he can apply oil. Arshi comes and keeps it as per the task and comments on Abhi. Arshi asks the actor why he keeps it and lets it be oiled. Abhi says he didn’t even ask her. There, Nikki says she has a craving for coffee. Rahul and Ally laughed. Nikki and Rahul argue. When Rahul claimed that he helped her by giving her coffee, she also did not mention Arshi's name, while Nikki got annoyed with Rahul. Rahul and Nikki patch up.


Ruby, on the other hand, falls into the pool. Ally jumps to save Rubina. Development also helps Rubina. Arshi distracts Raki from completing her task. Vikas and Devo tried to make ashes according to the task. Rakhi refused to do her makeup.

Rakhi Abhinav has apologized here. Prisoners behave according to the task given to them. Arshi refused to do the luggage area. Vikas and Nikki ask if he wants to get out of the task. Arshi says he is not in the mood to clear and agree later.

5 p.m. BB announces that Abhi knowingly breaks the time loop rule, so he becomes the Time King. BB asks Abhinav to handle his position.

5:15 p.m. Ruby's actor says that now it is up to her to destroy Rakhi's game.

5:45 p.m. Buzzer ring; Nikki, Devo, Rakhi, Arshi Rubina and Rahul dance. Prisoners repeat their activity. Rakhi tries to complete his work by applying oil. Arshi comes to distract Rakhi and the actor. Ruby falls into the pool. Ellie and Vikas save Rubina. Rakhi once again refused to work with Vikas and Devolina.

After that, BB asks the actor to tell which member according to him did not perform well in the work. Dismisses keeping innovation.

6:45 PML Rakhi and Abhi share a task. Rakhi Abhinay says that he started targeting her and now he will not forgive her.

7 p.m. Arshi asks Abhi and Rubina if she is sharing one thing which means she expects a favor. Rubinav denies. Rakhi and Arshi argue with each other. Afterwards, the time loop function resumes. Conduct of prisoners as per assigned duty. Despite coming out of work, Rakhi follows the acting. Abhinav Beda is gone. Rakhi tells Abhinav that no one can separate her from him.

In the latter, prisoners behave in accordance with the duties assigned to them.

At half past seven, Vikas asks Arshi to do his duty. Arshi refused to perform her duty as she was upset. There Rahul does his duty. Nikki wants cold coffee from Rahul. Arshi and Nikki argue to break the continuity of time.

7:45 p.m. BB tells the actor who has not performed well. Abhinav expelled Devolina and Rahul. Rahul claimed that Abhinav is biased.

8 p.m. Rakhi and Rahul said that Abhinav is protecting his teammates.

8:15 p.m. Rakhi wants the work canceled. There, Eli said targeting Rahul Abhinay. Rahul agrees with Ali.

8:30 p.m. Rakhi Abhinay says, he loves her. Abhi says to go after Rahul. Rakhi says that Rahul is her brother. Rashi, Vikas, Devas and others were told that Abhi threw it like a tea fly. Everyone laughs.

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