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Bhuvan NREGA – Mahatma Gandhi NREGA 9 years and continuous travel. Three million assets are created every year under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA. The journey, which has transformed the entire rural environment by creating more than 1,071 crore working days, is a long story of empowerment, integration and transparency.

E-Master Roll, Biometric and NREGA Soft are excellent examples of the Government of India's commitment to transparency. And geotagging is another strong step in this direction.

The first step towards land-tagging property under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA was taken on June 24, 2016 under the leadership of the Ministry of Rural Development. He played an important role with the support of ISRO's National Remote Sensing Center NIRD and National Information Center.

What is Bhuvan NREGA?

Bhuvan NREGA is a web portal where the status of works done under NREGA scheme is displayed in the public sector. Bhuvan NREGA is also available in the form of a mobile-based geotagging application that can be downloaded by Android users.

It has been developed by the Government of India to ensure transparency of various works (assets) carried out under the Gram Panchayat.Bhu Bhuvan Nerga

Panchayat level employees under Bhuvan NREGA M.S.E. Or a MNREGA special enumerator whose job is to go to the village and geotagging a picture of each property. And Block-Level Officer GIS Asset Supervisor under Bhuvan NREGA who moderates all these geotagging.

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Who can use Bhuvan NREGA?

Bhuvan NREGA is to be used by the Panchayat officials and other government agencies to geographically cover the works under NREGA scheme.NREGA activist

Village Employment Assistants, Technical Assistants or any other officer of the Panchayat Department. Will improve the progress on the works assigned for the purpose and the state nodal officer will approve it.

How to use Bhuvan NREGA?

Bhuvan NREGA can be used on any GIS location-enabled device. Designated enumerators will go to the work site and geotag the property by counting ling in a web portal or application. Work conditions must be updated at regular intervals to ensure work progress.

The user should first register by filling up his profile on the portal which includes his name, email id, address, organization, etc. A link confirmation message will be sent to the email id provided at the time of registration

Copy and paste the link into the browser's address bar to complete the registration. Once confirmed, the user will be automatically directed to set a password for his account.

Information about Bhuvan NREGA login gin

If you want to work with NREGA and you want to become a NREGA user you have to send a request for that. You must first register for a user ID and password. You can register yourself by clicking on the new user as shown in the photo.Bhuvan NREGA new user


The user can log in to his account using the received Gin ID and password received on registration. You can visit and enter your login ID and password by clicking on sign in.

  • Visit the official website by clicking here to login.
  • Now enter your username and password and click on the on screen.

How to download Bhuvan NREGA application?

Follow the steps to download Bhuvan NREGA latest Android app. By following these steps, you are able to download the latest application of Bhuvan NREGA.

  • First, visit
  • Now click on the Android icon on the left side of the page as shown in the photo.Download Bhuvan NREGA app
  • The application will be downloaded.

Geographical process in Bhuvan NREGA

Geotagging of work / property can be done by clicking on GPS option. It is done in four stages. Geotagging is done in phase 1 for first phase works.

In the second phase tagging is done on three phases. First, the work is done during that period before the work is done and finally when the work is completed.

Property photos are uploaded at the time of geotagging. After uploading the photos, click on Flag Asset and finally click Send to complete the process.

How to view geo tagging report of NREGA work?

The geographical report of NREGA work can be viewed by visiting NREGA report

  1. Click here to get the second phase geotagging report.
  2. Select fiscal year, state and other details.
  3. A new page will be displayed.
  4. Reports can be viewed on the R24 column column.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bhuvan NREGA

What is Bhuvan NREGA?

It has been developed by the Government of India to ensure transparency of various works (assets) carried out under the Gram Panchayat.

How long has Bhuvan NREGA been started?

The land-tagging property created under NREGA was taken over on June 24, 2016 under the Ministry of Rural Development.

How is geo-tagging done in Phase II?

Under the second phase, all MNREGA appointees were instructed to geotagging the assets created in three phases. The first stage of geotagging will take place when the work of the property begins, the second stage when the work is in the middle and the third stage when the work is completed.

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