Bhishma B Office X Office Fee Collection Day 4 | Worldwide collection


Bhishma B Office X Office Fee Collection Day 4: The office fee collection of Bhishma Movie Day 3 was ₹ 6.00Cr, which is a huge amount. The collection of Totally India box office fees has reached .00 22.00c. Now it’s time to learn about Day 4. Bhishma hit or flop.

Earlier, the office collection of office 9.50Cr has been done in day collection which is also called bumper collection. Now we know about Bhishma film's 4 Daya collection and business.

Bhishma B Office X Office Fee Collection Day 4 | Worldwide collection

We believe it will be collected 3.50Cr in its first day 4.

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Bhishma B Office X Office Fee Collection Day 4

Bhishma earned C 9Cr on her first day, 50 6.50Cr on the second day and 00 6.00Cr on the third day and there is talk of a collection of 50 3.50Cr on the fourth day.

Days by collection Indian net collection
1. Day 1 [1st Friday] 50 9.50 crore
2. Day 2 [1st Saturday] 50 6.50 crore
3. Day 3 [1st Sunday] 00 6.00 crore * can be earned
4. Day 4 [1st Monday] 50 3.50 crore *
Total collection . 25.50 crore *
India Net Collection 4 days 25.50 crore 4-day worldwide collection 36.00 crore
Overseas collection 4 days ₹ 7.00 crore 4 days India's total collection ₹ 29.00 crore

Bhishma Day Telugu business in 4 main regions

Region Overall In the morning In the afternoon Evening Night Shows
Bengaluru 0.00% 1% 2% 3% 4% 218
Hyderabad 0.00% 4% 8% 6% 7% 452
Chennai 4.00% 5% 4% 5% 2% 350
Vijayawada 2.00% 1% 2% 7% 9% 189

Budget and screen:

According to sources, the budget of this movie has come down to around ₹ 30 crore. He is being loved so much all over the world. It has been released on 4500 screens in South India. Which also appears above his collection. He had a collection of C 9Cr in Day 1.

Hit or flop

Don’t ask about hits and flops as he hasn’t saved according to his budget. Yet it is flopping. But now 4 days have passed. There is more collection to come. Let's see what happens.

Bhishma hit or flop Next

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