Beagle B Office X Office Fee Collection Day 3 | Worldwide collection


Beagle B Office X Office Fee Collection Day 3 So Shopper Today I am going to tell you about the box office fee collection, a sorty action movie made in Tamil language. So these posts last you. Is a collection of films Rs.3.3.10 crore Inside it Opening day. And in his second day alone, he has made money at the box office 25,00 crore. So now we will know how much collection this film has made in it Day 3. So let's know this too. Beagle Day 3 Business. Biggle Weekend Office x Office Fee Collection.

With this collection, I will learn about Beagle Collection All languages ​​and Next business. With the help of which you can get some information about the upcoming collection of this film. So now we will talk about his collection Day 3.

Beagle B Office X Office Fee Collection Day 3 | Worldwide collection

Superstar VictoryIs, which people all over the country love. And makes his upcoming movies a superhit. He has just released one more movie. So how do people find love in this film? We will talk about the same in this post.

Beagle B Office X Office Fee Collection Day 3 All languages

The film was completed .3.3 crores A collection of office fees on its first day. Now his collection is slowly moving forward.

Beagle could earn Rs 20.09 crore on the fourth day for all languages

So you know that a lot of people started liking it before the release of this movie, the result is that this movie is still getting a lot of love.

First Day Office X Office Fee Collection: -. 34.10 crore early day collection [1st Saturday] (Truth Collection)

The next day a collection of Office x Office fees: – .00 25.00 crore days2 [1st Sunday] (Truth Collection)

Third day office fee collection: – .0 20.09 Crores * Can earn Day 3 [1st Monday] (Expected)

Total Indian Net Collection: – .1 79.19 crore Office x Office Fee Collection

  1. [Day3BharatnetCollection[Day3IndiaNetCollection[દિવસ3ભારતનેટસંગ્રહ[ Day3IndiaNetCollection.1 79.19 crore * can be earned ]
  2. [DayWorldwideCollection[3DayWorldwideCollection[Dayદિવસીયવિશ્વવ્યાપીસંગ્રહ[3DayWorldwideCollection2 132.00 sR* Can earn ]
  3. #[Day3OverseasCollection[Day3OverseasCollection[દિવસ3વિદેશીસંગ્રહ[Day3OverseasCollectionCr 40 crore * Maybe]
  4. #[DaysofIndiaCollection[3DayIndiaGrossCollection[Dayદિવસીયભારતનોકુલસંગ્રહ[3DayIndiaGrossCollection.00 92.00 crore * Can earn]

3 days Chennai gross collection ₹ 5.26 crore


Biggle Weekend Office x Office Fee Collection

Any film, Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil and Telugu, every film has one Collection Of the week. Most people like to watch this Weekend collection For any movie. So with that in mind, we've brought you this weekend collection of movies. Through which you will get to know the collection of this movie better.

Week 1 Collection – [  ₹ 79.19 Cr India Net Amount ]

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Beagle Day 3 business in theaters for all languages

Maybe you have learned a lot about this movie, so now we will learn about its business. This is a way for you to easily estimate the collection of any film. And after that, you will learn about its collection very easily. Burying any movie theater is the opposite. So we will first learn about the overall business of Monday October 29 No. Beagle. Beagle Day 3 Business.

  1. Morning show: 60% -65%
  2. Afternoon show: 65% -70%
  3. Evening show: 65% -70%
  4. Night show: 60% -65%

Housefull 4B Office X Office Fee Collection | Collection | Worldwide

Note: – This is just a guess. What is written in it may be true to some extent. This is not Beagle's perfect business.

Forecast and Expectations on Beagle B Office X Office Fees:

Talk about Expect Of this movie, you may know that this movie has collected office fees Rs.3.3.10 crore On its first day. If we talk about the collection of this film, it can surpass this figure 500 crore. So it is said that this is done before seeing the collection. Beagle Day 3 Business.

Bigil budget

It is based on a sports theme when it comes to budget. Due to which, to make it better, all the expenses have been put together, the budget of 180 crore.

Budget expenses: – Rs.180.00 crore

Screens covers

It has a very good collection Day 3. If we talk about its screen cover, it has a screen Cover of +3500. The collection of any film is based on its story and Screen cover. If its screen cover is more, it will also have storage Accordingly.

Heat and flop

A hit or a flop that tells about any movie collection. Whatever we say about it right now. His complete collection has not come yet until we get the information of his collection, then I will tell you about it.

Hit and flop Coming soon ( Income so far-.1 79.19 crore)

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