Be safe and entertained as Zee Pitcher brings rude entertainment to its viewers


Living in the world is coming to terms, as we have been allowed to take breaks by being responsible for the social outbreak of the global outbreak of COVD-19. Social media has been bursting with home videos made during this lockdown time, clearly proving that there really isn't a safe place like home! We are here in our safe space; With our greatest ally – the television set. When we sit at home, coupe, Zee Pitcher is exploring all the possibilities that can keep his passionate viewers entertained.

Zee Pitcher, since its release has always displayed contemporary and captivating films in all shades and shades for its viewers. The channel has always taken on the responsibility of displaying blockbuster movies in the viewers' homes. Zee pitcher equipped with cinematic splendor to provide an excellent visual experience will now launch Jogi, Diggajaru, Dead Matth Mallej, Pritse, U-Turn, Arjun, Bull Bull, Bangarada Man, Prembarah, Premier Padmini, United States of America and many more. 2020 Only on Zee Pitcher!

Speaking on the movie line-up, our favorite Radha of Radhika Rao alias Radha Kalyan says, "Following the government's directive to the recent outbreak of the Kovid-1 19 pandemic, I urge everyone to stay indoors, maintain social distance and shake hands frequently. General Chat Chat Lounge If there is a complete need for an exit, please wear a mask and use hand sanitizer to ensure your safety and the safety of others. In addition, Zee Pitcher has found a way to soothe my soul and wash away the blues by making every day a hit-day. I tune in to watch hit movies like Bull Bull, Jogi and more, and rely on the unparalleled movie viewing experience every day. I recommend to all Kannada cinema lovers that they not only occupy themselves, but also live every day with 'hit dinada filing'.


Talking about his lockdown blues, Deepa Bhaskar alias Subbalakshmi of Subbalakshmi Samsara says, “Let's fight together to defeat the corona virus. I urge everyone to wash your hands at least 20 seconds each time. Wear the mask and only exit in case of an emergency. As if everyone wants to know what I do during the lockdown period – I will declare that I am enjoying telecast movies on Zee Pitcher. Blockbuster hit movies like Diggazaru, Bangarada Humans, etc. are being televised in the channel. So, when we have a Zee pitcher, why not go for entertainment elsewhere. "

Speaking of her lockdown boredom, Amalia alias Amali of Kamali says, “I hope everyone is safe at home. According to the government decision, I urge everyone to stay home and be entertained by the Zi Pitcher movie line such as Prathas and more, as the Zi Pitcher creates an atmosphere of theater and I enjoy hit Dinada Filing with my family. "

Just tune-in to blockbuster movies on Zee Pitcher. As your entertainment partner, we urge everyone to stay indoors and be safe.

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