Baagi 3b Office X Office Fee Collection Day 1 Worldwide Collection


Rebel 3b Office X Office Fee Collection Day 1: Are you looking for Baagi 3B Office X Office Fee Collection? You must know that Rebel 3 The film is set to release on March 6. There are a lot of people in line to watch this movie. So today I am going to tell you about Baagi 3 days b office x office fee collection. In this, we have to talk about the collection and business of the upcoming film of 1st Friday, March 6, 2020. Rebel 3 budget, Rebel 3 hit or flop.

This is Tiger Shroff's third film. The first part of the rebellion was a very good collection on office fees. After watching its trailers, it looks like all parts of the garden have earned, it will save the most. When its trailer was launched, it was collected C 18 C.R.. We think Baagi 3 is going to do that C 29 C.R. On its first day, March 6, the office fee collection.

Baagi 3b Office X Office Fee Collection Day 1 Worldwide Collection

We are assuming that it will collect 29 CR on Friday 6 March 2020 on its first day.

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Rebel 3b Office X Office Fee Collection Day 1

Baagi 3B is about to be released on box office fees March 6. Those who are waiting. We have found through a lot of research that Surrey theaters have become ho usefull. In this, the first ticket that was on the first day is booked in a few hours. According to the ticket, C 29 C.R.

Will be Rebel 3 In his day 1. office x office fee collection can do more than this.

India net collection 1 day ₹ 29.00 crore 1 day worldwide collection 36.00 crore
Overseas collection 1 day 7.00 crore India's total collection for 1 day is ₹ 29.00 crore

Rebels occupy 3 major 1 main regions

Business is a system that focuses on the collection of movies and theaters. So let us know about Baagi 3 Business Day. Apart from this, you will learn about theater and release theaters across the state.

Region Overall In the morning In the afternoon Evening Night Shows
Mumbai 90.00% 49% 39% 79% 89% Held at 548
Delhi 70.00% 59% 49% 69% 77% Is 489
Bengaluru 60.00% 39% 59% 61% 70% Is 459
Kolkata 50.00% 48% 41% 49% 58% Is 359
Odisha 30.00% 24% 31% 28% 29% Is 289

Budget and screen

I have told you about the office fee collection of this film. So now we will know about its budget and screen. It has been done by increasing the budget . 55 C.R. Which is a large sum. You will find more information about this film. If we talk about its screen release, it will continue 5890 Theaters on its first day. Rebel 3 budget

Budget . 55 C.R.
Screen 5890

Disco King B Office X Office Fees, Budget, Hit or Flop, Cast, Release and Story

Hit or flop

If we know about Baagi 3 hits or flops, then everyone wants to know about the hits and flops of the film. So for this, I tell you this movie will be a hit or a flop. You may know that it is going to be released in many theaters. And looking at her budget, it looks like she's going to be a superhit. It contained a collection of office x fees . 55 C.R. On its first day.

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