Arbaaz Khan Movies Office Fee Collection 😍 Hit or Flop, Verdict


Arbaaz Khan Movie L Movie B Office X Office Fee Collection: Are you looking Arbaaz Khan hit or flop? Arbaaz Khan He is a Bollywood actor, director and producer. He is the brother of a Bollywood megastar Salman Khan. Her father Salim Khan Is a famous author. Movie Verdict.

Arbaaz Khan has worked in many industries in India like Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Urdu. He started his film career in 2001. Made in 1996 With Darar movie. He was playing the role of a villain in this film. For this one film, he was given this Filmfare Best Villain Award.

After the success of his first film, he acted in many films If you love, don't be afraid Which came in 1998. In 2004, he made a name for himself in the Bollywood industry by starring in a film Pride: Pride and honor. In 2005, she played a villain in the film Jay Chiranjeev With Telugu megastar Chiranjeev.

Arbaaz Khan directed his first film in 2012 Domineering 2 Which proved to be a blockbuster on both office fees. The film starred Salman Khan in the lead role. The film proved to be a huge hit at the box office 2 2.52 billion. Arbaaz Khan Dabangg movie was made in 2010. For this, he was awarded this award. Filmfare Award for Best Movie.

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Arbaaz Khan Movie L Movie B Office X Office Fee Collection 😍 Hit or Flop, Verdict
Arbaaz Khan Movie L Movie B Office X Office Fee Collection 😍 Hit or flop, verdict

Arbaaz Khan has had some movies Super hit And there have been some films Flops. There is also a film that a Disaster. Arbaaz Khan Movies Office Fee Collection 😍 Hit or flop, verdict

Arbaaz Khan Movies Office Fee Collection 😍 Hit or flop, verdict

So, let's start our information topic now. And know that there are some things you don't know, as well as a collection of some office fees Arbaaz Khan. After that, which films have been stored the most and after that, we will also talk about this Attitude.

Arbaaz Khan hits or flops xx office fee analysis

List of movies Day 1 Collection Lifetime coli. Attitude Years
Sridevi Bungalow . 2019
Big Brother L 82L 9 7.9Cr Super hit 2019
Domineering 3 C 120 Cr Week C 2018Cr Blockbuster 2019
Quick remedy pinch 2019
Where is my Kannada 2019
Loveyatri 11 2.11Cr .3 19.39 C.R. Disaster 2018
Jack and Dil L 2L . 1 C.R. Flop 2018
Innocent L 15L 60 1.60Cr Hit 2018
Waiting for you C 11 C.R. C 2 C.R. Flop 2017
Gina EC ka naam hai L 4L L 22L Disaster 2017
Kittu Unnadu Jagaratha L 5L . 9 C.R. Flop 2017
Yeh toh be bahu ho gaya 2016
Strange Ali 91 1.91Cr .8 20.87Cr Flop 2016
Kis Kisko Pyaar Karun .6 7.68 C.R. . 71.60Cr Super hit 2015
Domineering 2 .2 19.21 C.R. 9 249.24 C.R. Blockbuster 2012
Ready .3 13.33 C.R. 3 183 C.R. Blockbuster 2011
Domineering .5 14.55Cr 20 220Cr Blockbuster 2010
Love ka game 75 2.75L .5 17.55L Disaster 2010
Farmer L 34 l 76 2.76Cr Flop 2009
Jay Viru L 59L 80 3.80Cr Flop 2009
Stoneman Murders 2009
I have dreams if I come 2009
Fashion 2008
Hello 2008
Jaane tu ya jaane na 2008
A little life, a little magic 2008
Woodstock Villa 2008
Om Shanti Om 2007
Godfather 2007
Ten stories 2007
Ol Vol 2007
Flower n final 2007
Shootout in Lokhandwala 2007
Part of the part 2006
Agreement: By chance 2006
Malamal Weekly 2006
Jay Chiranjeeva 2005
Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story 2005
I fell in love 2005
Alibaba 40 2 40 thieves 2004
Hulchul 2004
Reason: A reason to kill 2004
Pride: Pride and honor 2004
Say nothing 2003
Doomsday: City under threat 2003
Charisma – the miracle of destiny 2003
Thinking 2002
Tumko na bhool payenge 2002
Yeh mohabbat hai 2002
Ma Tujhe Salaam 2002
how are you brother 1999
If you love, don't be afraid 1998
Sham Ghansham 1998
Crack 1996

Arbaaz Khan hits or flop movies

Blockbuster 4
Super hit 3
Hit 2
Disaster 6
Flop 5
Next 4
Total 24

Arbaaz Khan holds the record for highest grossing film

Record Film Collection
List of 100 crore movies Domineering 20 220Cr
Domineering 2 9 249.46Cr
200 CR Movies List
300 Cr Movies List
a. Supreme Opening Day Grocer Domineering 2 .2 19.21 C.R.
B. Highest Weekend Gros Sir Domineering 2 .4 58.43 C.R.
C. Highest Week Gros Sir Domineering 2 99.06Cr
D. Supreme Lifetime (India Net.) Domineering 2 9 149.53Cr
E. Supreme Lifetime (India Gross) Domineering 2 2 202.65Cr
F. Supreme Worldwide Grosser Domineering 2 9 249.53 C.R.

Guess this is my last note. I have given you all the information you need to know in this post. In this you post details of Arbaaz Khan B Office X Office Fee Collectin and Verdict, hit or flop information. All movie blockbuster, hit, super hit, disaster and flop movie update in 2020.

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