Amazon Quiz 7 January 2021 Answers Today Win Havells Air Oven


    Amazon Quiz 7 January 2021 Answers Today, 7 January 2021 Amazon Quiz Answers: Welcome to our one-day Amazon quiz answer blog post. So today I'm talking about "Amazon quiz every morning from 8 to 12 p.m.“Answers.

    Nowadays, there are many people who like to play quizzes. Because they know that they get to learn something through this quiz. In the quiz, people have a lot of fun and challenges.

    This is a general knowledge base quiz. Only Indian citizens can take this quiz. Amazon is a very large ecommerce company operating globally. But this quiz contest is being run for marketing in India.

    If you searched for "Blog" and came to this blog post.7th January 2021 Amazon QuizThen you are in the right place. We talk about the answer to the Amazon quiz on a daily basis. By this answer, all user winners have been created.

    Amazon Quiz 7 January 2021 Answers Today Win Havells Air Oven

    You can win the current prize (s) by answering this correctly. "Amazon Quiz Answers 7 January 2021”Quiz. We've given you 5 answers below today, you can scroll through this page.

    Amazon Daily Quiz Details Today:

    Amazon Quiz Today prize Win Havells air oven
    Quiz date 7th January 2021
    Daily time 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
    Number of winners: 3 winners
    Winner announcement date Today at 12.01 p.m.

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    7th January 2021 Answers How to play Amazon Quiz?

    1. Go to Google Play and Apple Play Store and download Amazon app.

    Install the Amazon app

    2. Go Apple Store And Android Play Store.

    Open the Amazon app

    3. Open the Amazon app and sign in.

    You. When you open the Amazon app, you'll see a banner of "7th January Amazon Quiz", You have to click on it.

    Amazon Quiz Answers

    5. Click this banner and press play button Quiz.

    Start the quiz

    6. Answer all 5 questions.

    7. Wait for the winner to be announced.

    How to play Amazon Quiz

    How to Find Quiz Answers on Amazon 7 January 2021?

    According to a research, in this Amazon quiz, the winner became the first person to say the answer first. If you want an answer to this "7th January 2021 Amazon Daily Quiz Answer today“. So we've created a keyword query for you below.

    Note: Search Amazon Quiz 7 January Reply

    Is here January 7th Amazon All Answers Quiz

    1. Answer – Puerto Rico
    2. Answer – John Le Carrey
    3. Answer – Sophia Canin
    4. Answer – Pikachu
    5. Answer – Statue Un f Unity

    Important note: & # 39; & # 39; You know the answers to the questions in this Flipkart quiz Rewrite button (1-2) Click above You can see the answers to this quiz.

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    Amazon Quiz January 7 Answers Today – Win Havells air oven

    Update time: 8.01 AM (Note- If you do not see the answers: Get answers)

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    Q1: Where is O – located?

    Answer (a): Nauru

    Answer (b): Hawaii

    Answer (c): Puerto Rico

    Answer (d): Easter Island

    Answer 1: Puerto Rico (True)

    Crisis winner list

    Q2: George Smiley is found in many spy stories of a British author who recently passed away?

    Answer (a): John Le Carey

    Answer (b): Agatha Christie

    Answer (c): Fleming

    Answer (d): Graham Green

    Answer 2: John Le Carrey (True)

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    Q3: Who was named WTA Player of the Year in 2020?

    Answer (a): Fiona's return

    Answer (b): Sophia Canin

    Answer (c): Ashlag Barty

    Answer (d): Daniel Rose Collins


    Answer 3: Sophia Canin (True)

    Q4: What is the name of the protagonist of the famous Japanese anime?

    Answer (a): Squirrel

    Answer (b): Pokemon

    Answer (c): Pikachu

    Answer (d): Jigliff

    Answer 4: Pikachu (True)

    Q5: Name the statue built as the Death of the Indian Freedom Fighter, which was unveiled in the year 2018.

    Answer (a): Swami Vivekananda

    Answer (b): Statue of Unity

    Answer (c): Labor statue

    Answer (d): Adiyogi Shiva statue

    Answer 5: Statue Unf Uni (True)

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    We have given you the correct answers (s) to all the questions today. In this quiz contest, 3 random winners will be given prize (s). Through the table we have made a list of today's prizes (s) below for you.

    3 Select the winner (s) randomly Havells air oven Prize (s)

    How to choose winners in Amazon Quiz 7 January 2021 Answers?

    The random winner (s) in this Amazon quiz is awarded a prize (s). If you answered all the questions correctly, then you will get involved in the lucky draw. Only 3 users will be selected from this lucky draw and their name will be announced for the winner (s). The winner will be the first email / SMS then Amazon will publish the name of today's winner (s) on its winner (s) page.

    Amazon Winner Page

    Amazon Daily Quiz Answers T&C

    1. The contest will start on January 7, 2021 at 08:00:00 AM (IST) to January 7, 2021 at 12:00:00 (IST) ("Contest Period")

    2. To participate in the daily quiz contest, you have to sign up during the contest period or visit Should join.

    Whenever. Whenever you have endorsed Amazon.n, you are interested in exploring the page where 5 (five) questions 4 option will be posted during the full contest period.

    That. With those prizes (prizes (s)), in the event that you answer all the simple and straightforward questions effectively, you will be entitled to a lucky draw that will be completed by individual members who have given a definite answer to a specific inquiry.

    5. In the meantime lots of draw will be completed Amazon Quiz The duration of the contest in question and the total Particip participant will be selected as the winner by any one of the lottery contestant draws.

    6. The declared winner (s) will qualify to win Havells air oven The price (s) as Amazon Pay Balance is then known as "Price (s)".

    Every. Like every champion he would be eligible to win a prize under this contest.

    I hope that with these answers (s) you will definitely be the winner (s) today. Once you become the winner (S), you must act in accordance with the terms and conditions to claim the prize (S).

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