Amazon Prime ‘Bendish Bandits’ release date, cast, plot and story prediction


There is nothing else but the connection of music and love, many of you will agree. 'Bendish Bandits' is a series with exciting musical styles. It is written by Amritpal Singh Bindra and created by Still and Still Media Creative. Anand Tiwari directed the series, his latest work being Love Pear Square Foot.

'Bandit Bandit' details

The latest series, 'Bandish Bandits', is the shining love story of Tamanna and Radhe. Tamanna is a free-spirited pop star while Radhe is a superb classical singer. The story of the 'bandish bandits' revolves around the duo's self-evolving journey, despite the fact that they are anti-personality.

'Bandit Bandit' cast members

Shreya Singh Chowdhury and Tvik are playing the lead roles in the series. With him, Shiba Chadda is playing an important role in the series. Other artists from 'Bandish British' are as follows.

  1. Itu Turaj K. Singh
  2. Sanjay Nath
  3. Kunal Roy Kapoor
  4. Nasiruddin Shah
  5. The owner of the cloud
  6. Triha Chowdhury

The story of 'Bandit Bandits' is based in Jodhpur as the city revisits the main theme that the Whithor music is discipline or liberation.

'Banned British' plot

The best part of this series is the digital entry of Shankar-Ehsan-Loy. This is their first web project. All three said in an interview that background music is about creating scenes but the songs are part of the main storyline.

Date of publication 'Stalk British'

It is expected that the series 'Bandit Bandits' will be released in late 2020. The official release date has not yet been announced.



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