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    I hope you are all well. We will continue to share with you the quiz running on Amazon in the same way for you. As you continue this article, we would like to thank you.Amazon Amazon quiz answers every morning from 8 to 12 today“. Amazon Quiz 24 December Answers.

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    Most Indians want to know about Amazon Daily Quiz. With this information, Amazon's Indian users can win prizes by giving correct answers in this quiz contest. There are many of you who are going to play Amazon's daily quiz contest, but they don't know about the question asked in this quiz. This is a big problem for most Amazon users. So we have explained this problem through this blog post.

    Amazon Daily 8Am to 12Pm Amazon Quiz Answers Today

    If you came across this blog post by searching GoogleDaily 8Am to 12Pm Amazon Quiz Answers TodayThen you are welcome. This is a general knowledge base quiz and we have given you the answer to this quiz. At the request of viewers, we have answered 5 questions correctly in this quiz.

    Daily 8Am to 12Pm Amazon Quiz Answers Today - Win. And prizes

    Amazon Quiz Details Today:

    Amazon Quiz Today prize Win ₹ .10,000 Pay Balance
    Quiz date 26 December 2020
    Daily time 8am to 12am
    Number of winners: 3 winners
    Winner announcement date Today at 12 o'clock

    Daily 8 am to 12 pm How to play Amazon Quiz Answers?

    1. Go to Google Play and Apple Play Store and download Amazon app.
    2. go there Apple Store And Android Play Store.
    3. Open the Amazon app and sign in.
    4. When you open the Amazon app, you'll see a banner of "December 26 Amazon Quiz", You have to click on it.
    5. Click the Banner and Star Play Quiz.
    6. Answer all 5 questions.
    7. Wait for the winner to be announced.
    How to play Amazon Quiz

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    Is here Amazon Quiz December 26 Answers:

    1. Answer – Pakistan
    2. Answer – Bahrain
    3. Answer – MDH
    4. Answer – Nuclear power plants
    5. Answer – Corgi

    Amazon Daily 8Am to 12Pm Amazon Quiz Answers – Win 10 .10,000 Pay Balance

    Update time: 8.01 AM (Note- if you do not see the answers: Get the answers

    Q1: 129 years old… Which country?

    Answer 1: Pakistan

    Q2: In which country was the inaugural Sakhir Grand Prix held in December 2020?

    Answer 2: Bahrain

    Which iconic brand was recently created by Padma Bhushan winner Mahashay Dharampal Gulati?

    Answer 3: MDH

    Q4: This is seen from inside the "cooling tower", in which places is it usually found?

    Answer 4: Nuclear power plant

    Q5: Name this breed of bitch, beloved by Queen Elizabeth II, and what is traditionally used for animal husbandry?


    Answer 5: Corgi

    26 December Daily 8am to 12Pm Amazon Quiz Answers

    Q1: Which city hosts the International Cherry Blossom Festival of India every year?

    Answer 1: Shil onng

    Q2: Scientists studying Curiosity rover data have found evidence for an ancient ice-covered lake in the Gale Crater on which planet?

    Answer 2: Mars

    Q :: Xavier Battle is stable in which European country?

    Answer 3: Luxembourg

    Q4: Do these devices encourage users to set a general fitness goal of 10,000 per day?

    Answer 4: Steps

    Q5: In which country is this car brand headquartered?

    Answer 5: Italy

    December 23 Amazon Quiz

    Q1: Atal Academy દ્વારા By whom?

    Answer 1: AICTE

    Q2: The controversial village of Pangda is a new village built by China near the border of which country?

    Answer 2: Bhutan

    Q3: Which selected company will unveil its first all-electric sports car at Niagara Falls, Chinese Wind Farm and Solar Place in Germany?

    Answer 3: Porsche

    Q4: In the late 1800s, dog catcher Carl Doberman created this breed specifically to save it when he did another job?

    Answer 4: Tax Collector

    Q5: This is a phone launched by which company?

    Answer 5: Samsung

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    A total of 3 prizes will be awarded under this competition. The prize will be delivered to the winner before 31 January 2021.

    Amazon Daily Quiz Answers T&C

    1. The contest will start on December 26, 2020 from 08:00:00 AM (IST) to December 26, 2020 from 12:00:00 (IST) ("Contest Period")

    2. To qualify for the contest, you must log in or join from a valid Amazon.n account during the contest period.

    Once. Once you get to Amazon.nn. After signing in, you can participate by navigating to this page where ((five) all questions will be posted during the All Contest period.

    Thereafter. Then, if you answer all the questions of all the quizzes correctly, you will be entitled to a lucky draw among the participants who have given the correct answer to that major question.

    There. A lot of questions will be drawn during this contest period and a total of 3 participants will be selected as winners by random draw of lot offer.

    The. The declared winner (a) will be eligible to win Rs.10,000 as Amazon Pay Balance.

    7. Each winner will be eligible to win only one prize under this competition.

    8. Each winner must walk under light terms and conditions to claim the prize.

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