All films by Rashmika Mandanna Hit the flop b Office k Office Office


Rashmi Mandana hits all the films flop: Rashmika Mandanna, the highest grossing actress in the South. He was born on April 5, 1996. And from an early age he was interested in acting career. Yu's first movie was a Kannada film in 2016, named after him Kirik Party, Many people have seen this movie. You will find this movie Goldmines YouTube channel. All films by Rashmika Mandanna Hit the flop b Office k Office Office. Rashmika Mandanna hit movies, latest movies Rashmika Mandanna Flop MoviesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

He has worked in many superheat films in his youth. Most of his films were super hit on box office fees. This star is seen in more tar romantic films. Geeta GovinDa is a big hot movie to make them successful. This is a Telugu movie with VeeJay Devarkonda Is a very big and high born superstar. He worked with him in the film. This Devdas He has also worked with the Telugu superstar in the film SmallGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The film was made with a very big budget. The movie became a huge collection of office fees. So far the Surrey film has proved to be Rashmika Mandana BlockbusterGeneral Chat Chat Lounge All films by Rashmika Mandanna Hit the flop b Office k Office Office.

Rashmika Mandanna is one of the actresses who reached the film Billion 1 billion In a very short time. His first commercial success was the movie Kirka Party, Which was released in 2016. Son of Anj (2017), Chamak (2017), Chalo (2018), Geeta Govindam (2018), Host (2019), “Dear Carrage”(2019), Cirilleuru Nikkevaru (2020) and Bhishma (2020) He has acted in all these films. Along with this, they can be given work in the highest budget movie.

Rashmika Mandanna
Rashmika Mandanna

All films by Rashmika Mandanna Hit the flop b Office k Office Office

No Movies Release date Office Office Office fees (collie) Attitude
.. Kirik Party (Kannada) 30-Dec-16 C 50Cr Blockbuster
2. Son of Anj (Kannada) 21-December 17 C 45 CR Super hit
3. Brightness (Kannada) 29-Dec-17 C 29 CR Hit
4 Chloe (Telugu) 2-Feb-18 C 24 CR Hit
5. Geeta Govindam (Telugu) 15-Aug Gust-18 C 130Cr Blockbuster
6. Devdas (Telugu) 27-Sep-18 C 50Cr Hit
7. Host (Kannada) March 1 -19 C 50Cr Hit
8. Favorite Kamarage (Telugu) 26-Jul-19 C 30 CR Flop
9. Cerillero Niekevaru (Telugu) 11-Jan-20 6 2.6 billion Blockbuster
10. Bhishma (2020) 21-Feb-2020 General Chat Chat Lounge 40 Hit

Rashmika Mandanna From 2016 to 2020, we have made 10 films in Telugu and Kannada films so far. Most of his films have proven to be blockbusters and super hits. With this movie, many people have started liking it. And his followers have grown more and more in social media.

* Rashmika Mandanna Blockbuster Movies: 3
* Rashmika Mandanna Super Hit Movies: General Chat Chat Lounge
* Rashmika Mandanna Hit Movies: 5
* Rashmika Mandanna Flop Movies: General Chat Chat Lounge
* Rashmika Mandanna Success ratio: 90%

most of Rashmika Mandanna Movies are superheated. You can find very few flop movies in it. In his career, he has made films in his career with 3 blockbusters, 1 super hit, 5 hits and 1 flop. Who points to a successful actor. There are very few people who have had such great success in such a short time.


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Who is Rashmika's husband?

Let me tell you that this Kannada super actress Rashmika is not married yet.

What is the age of Rashmika Mandana?

If we talk to him, he was born in 1996, now almost 24 years old.

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