Ajay Devgn Office Office Office Collection, Hit or Flop and Verdict


Ajay Devgn B Office Office Office fee collection: So yes Shopper today I am going to give you information about the collection of box office fees Of Ajay Devgn Suri movie inside this article. Ajay Devgn Is a very big actor and producer. He has worked in many films and done many films. If he has done this in a few films, then he has proved to be a super hit on box office fees. Ajay Devgn hits or flopsGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Movie list Ajay Devgn VERDICT,

He has done more than 100 movies so far. Numerous accolades, two National Film Awards, and 4 Filmfare Awards. In 2016, with the Government of India Padma Shri, the country's fourth highest civilian honor. All these awards he has made in his name.

Ajay Devgn's first movie was released in 1991, Flower Ka forkGeneral Chat Chat Lounge It was very successful at office office fees. After this film, his film journey began. He has given many Bollywood movies to this Bollywood movie.

Ajay Devgn Office Office Office Collection, Hit or Flop and Verdict

Office Fees Collection of Ajay belongs to Devgan Suri movie is coming together around here 00 2800 croresGeneral Chat Chat Lounge This revenue has been made to Devgn throughout his film career. It will help them to move on and prove a happy life.

Ajay Devgn Office Office Office Collection, Hit or Flop and Verdict

I have told you some basic information about Ajay God damn Movie. So let’s make any film he has made so far. Tell me about it and the collection of the same movie. There are many superstars in the Bollywood industry. But as a good action hero, Ajay Devgn Being very picky.

Movie Release date Collection in CR Attitude
Tanhaji 10-Jan-20 276.90 Blockbuster
De de pyaar de 17-May-19 103 Hit
Total blow 22-Feb-19 155 Super hit
Raid 16-Mar-18 101 Hit
Re-shot 20 – Quo-17 205 Super hit
Kings 1-Sep-17 78 On average
Except 28-Oct Quo-16 100 On average
The scene 30-Jul-15 72 Semi-hit
Action Jackson 5-Dec-14 57 Flop
Singham Returns 15-Aug Gust-14 104 Super hit
Satyagraha 30-Aug Gust-13 58 Flop
Courageous 29-March-13 46 Flop
Son of the nobleman 13-Nov-12 103 Super hit
Ball Bachchan 6-July-12 101 Super hit
Fast 27-April-12 16 Disaster
Mr. fraud 2011 5.5 Disaster
Rascal 6-Oct Quo-11 35 Flop
Singham 22-Jul-11 101 Super hit
Dil to bacha hai ji 28-Jan-11 32 Flop
Toonpur ka superhero 24-Dec-10 7.7 Disaster
Goal 3 5-Nov-10 108 Blockbuster
Outrage 15-Oct Quo-10 13 Disaster
Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 30-Jul-10 59 Hit
Registered 4-June-10 93 Blockbuster
Will you be a guest? March 5-March 10 29 On average
London Dreams 30-Oct Quto-09 26 Flop
All the best 16-Oct Quto-09 42 On average
Golmaal Returns 29-Oct Quote-2018 52 Hit
Lover 11-Jul-08 6 Flop
You can hum me 11-Apr-08 21 Flop
Sunday 25-Jan-08 20 On average
Shake off 11-Jan-08 13 Flop
Ram gopal verma ki aag 31-Aug Gust-07 7.5 Disaster
Cash 3-Aug Gust-07 19 Flop
A hi way 22 Oct Quto 1993 3 Lower than middle
Omkara 28-Jul-06 23 Flop
Noisy 14-Jul-06 30 Hit
The peak 30-Dec-05 6.7 Flop
Kidnapping 2-Dec-05 15.6 Better than usual
I am Sai Hoo Hoon 6-May-05 28 Disaster
Tomorrow 29-Apr-05 19 Flop
Tango Charlie 25-Mar-05 7 Disaster
Conscience 4-March-05 6.9 Flop
Blackmail 28-Jan-05 9.9 Disaster
Insan 14-Jan-05 .4..4 Disaster
Raincoat 24-Dec-04 8.8 Disaster
Youth 21-May-04 14 Lower than middle
Have fun 9-Apr-04 20 Hit
Khaki 23-Jan-04 26 On average
LoC Cargill 26-Dec-03 13 Flop
Land 26-Sep-03 11 Lower than middle
Licensing 12-Sep-03 4.4 Flop
Gangajal 29-Aug Gust-03 11 On average
Theft 1-Aug Gust-03 3 Disaster
Doom 11-Jul-03 17 On average
Ghost 30-May-03 14 Hit
Madness 25-Oct Quo-02 11 Lower than middle
Bhagat Singh of legend 7-Jun-02 7.4 Disaster
Hum kisse no cum 31-May-02 12 Flop
Company 12-Apr-02 14 On average
Stay with me 16-Nov-01 3 Disaster
Shame 31 – Gust-01 16 Flop
Yeh raast hain pyaar ke 10-Aug Gust-01 7.5 Flop
Raju Chacha 29-Dec-00 11 Disaster
Insane 11-Aug G-00 6.5 Flop
Signature 3-Dec-99 5.2 Flop
Gear 5-Nov-99 7.3 Lower than middle
Hindustan Ki Kasam 23-Jul-99 13 Flop
Hum dil de chuke sanam 18-June-99 21 Hit
Hoge pyaar ki win 7-May-99 9 Better than usual
Kachhe dhaagee 19-Feb-99 11 Better than usual
What does heart 1999 .2.૨ Lower than middle
Wound 25-Dec-98 2.૨ Flop
Pyaar to hona hi tha 24-Jul-98 18 Super hit
Major Saab 26-Jun-98 11 On average
Love 28-Nov-97 27 Better than usual
History 20-Jun-79 6 Flop
Heartbroken 27-Sep-97 10.25 Hit
Jan 17-May-97 7.7 Better than usual
Jung 19-Apr-97 .2.૨ Lower than middle
Fact 29-Dec-95 8 On average
Gangster 7-Sep-95 7 Lower than middle
Jumble 4-Aug Gust-95 9.9 Flop
Ignorance 17-Mar-95 5.4 Lower than middle
Suhag 4-Nov-94 5.25 Better than usual
Victory Path 5-Aug Gust-94 6.6 Better than usual
Statute 3-Apr-94 1.1 Flop
Dilwale 29-Jan-94 5.1 Hit
Rich 10-Dec-93 0.5 Disaster
Awkward 12-Nov-93 1.1 Flop
A hi way 22 – Quo-93 3 Lower than middle
Dil hai betab 27-Aug Gust-93 General Chat Chat Lounge Disaster
Powerful 9-Jul-93 2.૨ On average
Confrontation 18-June-93 2.૨ Flop
Platform 23-Apr-93 General Chat Chat Lounge Disaster
Divine power 19-Feb-93 ૧. 1.2 Flop
Liver 23-Oct Quto-92 5 Hit
Flower Ka fork 22-Nov-91 6.7 Super hit
98 1991-2020 00 2800 crores

Ajay Devgn hits or flops and verdict

I told you about Ajay Devgn's box office fee collection in this article. Which is made by mixing all his films. So now that we define this collection in a few steps, we can get to know it better.

  • Total Movies: 98 Ajay Devgn Movies
  • Blockbuster: 3
  • Superheat / Hit: 13
  • Average / Above Average: 22
  • Flop / Disaster: 55

Ajay Devgn Movies Success Ratio: 49%

The star is still working in the Telugu industry. His next movie RRRIn which he is working in the lead role. In this movie you will see 2 big superstars from the south working. Ram Charan And NTR Their world is spreading.

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