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Abhay has been a popular web series. Audiences have been waiting for Season 2 of Abhay ever since the web series was released. Z5 has recently announced that Season 2 of Abhay will be released soon.

The promo for Season 2 of Abhi was released. Abhay Season 2 will be streaming on the OTT platform soon. Abhay stars as the lead in the Karnal web series.

A glimpse of the number of horrific crimes has been revealed through the promo which SP Abhay Pratap Singh (Kunal Kemmu) will solve in Season 2 of the web series.

Abhay Season 2 Trailer

Abhay Season 1 dealt with horrific crime stories that were well liked by the audience. The timing around the story will be a little different from this one though.

Abhay's .Facial Twitter handle shared a promo and gave it a caption, "This bar is a game. Agar yeh haven ap soch ko anjaam den ke liye kisi bhi tak tak ja sakte hai to hum bhi insaaf liye uni ke khel mee and mat de sakte hai .. # Abhay2 @kunalkemmu @kenghosh @ ZEE5Priium (sic). "

Abbey Season 2 Plot

Abhay Season 2 web series is based on true events. It comes under the style of Crime Thriller. It's about Abhay Pratap Singh who is a sharp investigating officer. The plus point about Abhay is that he has a criminal mind.

With what is in his hand, he is able to solve every case that falls into his hands. Z5 made the official announcement about Season 2 of Abhay.

The official description of the series is, "Abhay Pratap Singh, Gu Stei Cop is returning. Watch this announcement promo and get ready for two darker and edgier seasons. Coming soon to ZE5. "

Abbey Season 2 Cast

Each series is mainly known for two aspects; Gripping plot and spectacular cast. Abhay caught the viewer's eye with its stellar cast. The actors have become entangled in their roles which has made them a hit in the audience.

Abhay is in the role of recurring artist Abhay in Season 2, Sandeep Dhar in the role of Kamal, Elnaz Norozi as Natasha, Manny M as Supriya. Misra will play Rakib Arshad as a colleague, Trushant Engle as Ivan in the pocket, Evan Rodrigues as channel head. Deepak Vijay will play the role of Jay Zaveri and Chandra Singh as the victims of the murder.


Abhay Season 2 is directed by B.P. Singh

Abhay Season 2 release date

The creators of the web series have not yet confirmed the series release date. However, the promo of the show has been launched.

The promo for Abhay Season 2 came with the official description, “Abhay Pratap Singh, Gu ts Steep Coop is coming back. Watch this announcement promo and get ready for two darker and edgier seasons. Coming soon to ZE5. "

Abbey Season 2 Spoilers and Updates

Kranal Kemmu will be introducing the role of Abhay in Season 2 of Abhay. He is part of the STF team and understands the mindset of the offender.

It was revealed by Kranal Kemmu that the second season of the web series was more difficult and challenging than the previous one. The first season of Abhay received a spectacular audience response and the promo gave the audience a kickstart of what to expect from Abhay Pratap Singh. There will be lots of high-stakes thrills and excitement this time around.

Abbey Season 1 Review

ZE5's web series "Abhay", with Karnal Cammu in the title role as an unsuccessful cop of a special task force investigating cases of impossible crime, is a thrill that throws its prospect into the gig. Creators almost enjoy describing Depression in detail.

It is said that Abhay has a criminal mind which helps him settle the cases at a fast pace. Violent content should tone down though. While bordering on that ruthless sentiment, when I inquire of a virgin child saying, "I am a bachon ko pyaar hoon", Kunal blurts out, "Madre..rapai hai bachon ka".

How to watch Abhay Season 2?

Abhay is released on Z5 as it is a Z5 show. The previous season was only available on Z5 for rights purposes. It will be available on the Z5 app for streaming. Follow the steps below to watch the show.

  • Download the Z5 app from your App Store or Play Store
  • In the Z5 app, login
  • Look for Abhay Season 2 and watch the episode there

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