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Welcome to our blog today. We will give you information about entertainment news in English language within this blog. I am going to give you very good information about it. Which you will not find anywhere else.

People who want to know more about the budget of any movie and the collection of office fees on the internet. I will tell you exactly in all this information.

We want all our viewers to be Bollywood Bollywood or Hollywood, you will find information about some of the gossip in the world of entertainment within this website. Which will always keep you updated about Hollywood, Hollywood, TLwood and lywood industry?

About us

Our Bollywood Journey

This is an entertainment based pppshopper.com blog which started in 2019. It has been updating people with its best information since its inception. My concern is that people from India and abroad can tell you all the information about Bollywood, Hollywood, T.Liwood and Bollywood industry in simple language.

Pappashopper is ready to bring the world of international lifestyle to India with one hand. With editors and contributors, who travel and live in world-style capitals, we are at the forefront of fashion and celebrity news there. From the front row to the shopping address of India, Pappash is on sh. Delivering the best finds in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, we will continue to present our readers with the personality behind the India Entertainment News blog.

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If you have any questions or want to know, you can contact us at this mail. Mail ID is – [email protected]

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About me: Biswajit Nayak (Founder)

I introduce myself to you: my name is Biswajit NayakHowever, I have studied as an engineer and now I a Part time entertainment news blogger In business.

I finished my primary education here Government Inter College In 2015 and got one Bachelor of Arts Degree from Utkal University University In 2019.

I like to keep all the information about Hin Entertainment World from childhood and tell people. So to make the information available to the people, I started writing a blog through which I can access this information. This struggle is still ongoing. Who always researches to give better information to all visitors.


And this is the most valuable thing for me, I really respect it, I try to share it with others and reach out to it before I leave this world.

So I promise you that I know every detail of this entertainment world. I will keep telling you about the latest thing through posts all the time.

Contact admin: [email protected]

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Alok Parida (co-founder)

I am the CO-founder PPS Hopper. Ever since I was a child I have entertained the world like Bollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood and I am eager to get information about anything new and I love to share this information with people.

I like that someone should benefit from the information I provide, which is why I chose the internet as my platform.

My intention is that every citizen of India should receive this kind of information and this information should be useful in their life and this information should be useful in their life.

Contact: [email protected]

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‘Sidekick’ team

Dibinshu Samal– Senior Journalist

Superhero curator, Dibinshu Samal Has some superpowers that help him create wonders through words and concepts. She had a big contribution pppshopper.com.

Contact: [email protected]

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Anshuman whose – Contributing authorAnshuman whose Maybe Terminator is a very decisive person. The youngest member of PPS Hopper Family, he only handles the meme department.

Contact: [email protected]

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Note: If you would like some more information about this website, you can contact us via our contact address.

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