9xbuddy 2020 Website: Easy Download Nonline Downloader – Is It Safe?


Who doesn't like to watch a movie at home? And they are a lot of movies to download website on the internet. And despite being a piracy website, 9xbuddy is one of the best downloaders available on the Internet

Yet thousands of people use these sites to download the movie they want. But using the downloader raises a lot of questions on the mind. Here in this article we will talk about 9xbuddy in detail and tell you if the site is safe, latest hits etc on the website.

About 9xbuddy

9xbuddy is a video downloading website. It supports thousands of channels for downloading videos. Here is access to almost all the latest Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films from the library which you can access anytime anywhere. There you will find the latest hit movies from the movies. So here is the active detailed information on the downloader is the active URL that you will need when downloading the video downloadline

How and when did 9xbuddy begin?

9xbuddy debuted in 2014, and has never looked back since. Download Online Downloader now supports approximately 1786 websites for online movie downloads. It has recently launched its application App Appline. The app is also as easy to use as the app if it is not comfortable enough. There are a few easy steps to follow, and you have a movie of your choice on your phone.

How does this website work?

9xbuddy is one of the earliest online offline video downloaders. It helps you download the movies or videos you want. The site enables you to download videos with some easy steps. And using a site launching app is a better and more comfortable choice than a site. Thus the website is one of the best video downloaders you have seen.

What's the latest movie leak by 9xbuddy?

Many movie options are available on the downloader. But the best are the latest leaked films. This year too, the downloader has leaked some of the year's top hit films. Let's take a look at the list of the latest hit movies on the site.

  • Flint
  • Slap
  • Woman
  • Zoya Factor
  • Tanhaji
  • Street Dancer
  • Bala
  • Kabir Singh
  • Dussehra

Is it safe to download movies from 9xBuddy?

These downloaders use a variety of ways to make your private data vulnerable to hackers. And even when you use websites, you're still in violation of the government's rules. And always remember that piracy is still a punishable act according to the rule of the government. So not all of these factors make the site safe for movie downloads.

Is this a legitimate 9xbuddy?

It's not illegal to download a movie. But piracy is illegal according to the law and order of India. So downloading a movie from 9xbuddy is illegal. And if you take this action it can put you in some adverse situation. We also prefer that you use the paid downloader to download the latest movies.


Alternative Websites for 9xbuddy

Websites Many websites provide alternative options for downloading offline videos. There are also many options available as alternative websites. These websites give you the same opportunity to download videos similar to 9xbuddy. So it's better that you keep information about them in your mind. Let's take a look at the sites.

  • Vidpa
  • Kipwid
  • Freemake Video Downloader
  • 4k video downloader
  • Stunned
  • Videoder
  • Saveyoutube
  • SaveMedia
  • Lando
  • Osklas

The best movie series on 9x Buddy

There are plenty of movies available on the site. And if the site doesn't sort any of the movies on the well-distributed in some categories, choosing one of them might seem a bit confusing, especially as you go through the content. So you can learn about the best and most searched categories on the downloader. Below is a list of some of the best series of movies available on the site.

  • Play
  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Action
  • War
  • Fighting
  • F ntsy
  • Sci .Scientific

Special features that make 9xbuddy so popular

There are many movie downloaders and applications present on the Internet that provide the latest movies and easy movie downloads. Millions of people like 9xbuddy when it comes to movie downloads. There are a few reasons why people choose the downloader even though it is a pirate website.

  • 9xbuddy is an easy to download movie on the Internet. There are no complicated plugins and no difficult steps to download a movie on your mobile. You need to touch your phone and click on some points, except that the movie simply downloads.
  • 9xbuddy's app is much better than any other movie downloading app on the Internet. Using the app is even easier than using a website. You can simply download the movie from the website.


This article is only meant to inform you about video nonline video downloading site 9xbuddy. It does not encourage any piracy activity. Instead we can't say no to using these websites as they are potentially dangerous and can put you in some adverse situation.



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