21 Days Lockdown: 21 Award-Winning Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and HotStar


Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reported that India will go through a lockdown for about 21 days to prevent the spread of coronavirus across the country. PM Modi has clearly stated that people do not have to leave their homes if they want to survive the catastrophic epidemic caused by Covid-19.

List of award-winning films you can watch on Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video

1. Forest Gump (Netflix)

An Academy Award-winning film featuring Tom Hanks. Gump is born with a low IQ and a curved spine that is the best at everything with a tendency to do so. Hanks is currently in quarantine because he has been tested positive for coronavirus.

2. Street Boy (Prime Video)

One of the critically acclaimed Bollywood films of 2019, Glee Boy is available on Amazon Prime Video. This movie is like watching and it is a masterpiece.

3. Parasites (Prime Video)

The teaser film that won the Best Picture Award at this year's Oscar has finally hit digital streaming for people to watch.

Mar. 08, 2015 Rise Set Marriage Story (Netflix)

Noah Bambach's film is a regular in the love story that people face every day. The perfect love story that illustrates the harsh reality of life.


Once. Once upon a time in Hollywood

It is a classic Quentin Tarantino film featuring Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie and one of the star stars.

6. Article 15 (Netflix)

The film is adapted from real-life events and the struggle of honest cops.

7. The Revenant (Netflix)

The reason for this movie is that Leonardo DiCaprio got a sc score – this is enough to make a classic movie look.

8. Gravity (Netflix)

A must-see film featuring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

9. Pansingh Tomar (Netflix)

The chance to see the national-award winning film is finally on Netflix.

10. Bahubali: Getting Started (Netflix)

Comparing it to 300 films, the film will make the country proud.

More movies to watch on Netflix – Dangal and 3 Idiots.

Movies to Watch on Prime Video – Razi, Hindi medium, I am Kalam, my name is Joker and Spider-Man in Spider-verse.

Movies to Watch on HotStar – Inside Out, Zootopia and Cocoa.



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