123 MKV 2020 Website: Download the latest Hindi and English movies online – is it safe?


If you are looking for a website to download the latest Hollywood or Bollywood movies, 123 MKV is one of the best websites to download movies for free. This website is a pirate of the movie and gives the audience the opportunity to download the movie for free. Continue reading to learn more about 123mkv.

123mkv website information

The website is a private website that allows its users to download and watch movies online. The website has no complicated interface and so you can easily find movies on this site. The languages ​​that offer 123 mkv are Tamil, Hindi and Hollywood. Also, the website has a range of dubbed movies so you can download the dubbed version of the movie if you are not comfortable in any language.

Hollywood or Bollywood you name it and 123 mkv is in it. It also has all the latest releases from Hollywood. Also, the website has a format that gives you the flexibility to download movies in 300MB, HD, Full HD or MP4.

  • Name: 123 mkv
  • Old domain: 123mkvmovies.com
  • New domain: 123mkv.in
  • Status: Unblock
  • Language: Bollywood and Hollywood

History 123 mkv

123 MKV started as a small website with a small number of movies on its website. The website became very popular over time and started releasing it soon after the latest movies were released. The government keeps changing its URL as the URL is blocked from time to time by the government. 123mkv, therefore, keeps replacing its website with dynamic URLs.

Special Features of 123 MKV Website

123MKV not only offers films from the Tamil and Telugu film industry, but they have a variety of domains ranging from Tollywood to Hollywood.

You can access the website from your mobile phone using the app or browser. The website can also be accessed from your computer or laptop to download and watch your favorite movies.

The website does not ask for money and therefore offers viewers the opportunity to download and watch the movie for free. You do not need to pay or subscribe to use this website.

123MKV also offers TV serials and web series so you can find everything you are looking for. The domain for movies is 123mkv.biz and you can use the domain 123mkv.com to watch serials.

Latest Movies Uploaded by
123 mkv

  • Putts
  • Walim i
  • Court
  • KGF Chapter 2
  • Sorarai grandson
  • Draupadi
  • Pon Man Man Nikavel
  • Half blind alien hollow
  • Master

Alternatives to 123 mkv

Although 123MKV is one of the top sites for Tamil movie downloads, there are other websites that offer many features like 123MKV and allow you to download movies for free and watch online.

  • 9xmovies: – This platform offers movies in only 300 MB. 9xmovies also falls under the category of pirated websites.
  • RDXHD: – The website offers Hollywood dubbed, Hindi and South Indian movies in HD quality.
  • Movies Counter: – This website is one of the most popular website for downloading Hollywood movies.
  • Ismaili: – This website is a popular torrent website. Isamani has leaked not only Tamil movies but also Telugu, Bollywood and Hollywood movies along with other regional languages ​​of India. The website also offers TV and web series free torrents with free documentation.

Is it legal to use 123mkv?

Website 123 MKV is a pirated website and supports piracy. According to the rules made by the Government of India, it is not legal to upload movies online without the prior permission of the producer and doing so is a criminal offense. Therefore, using a website to watch and download movies is illegal and you may have trouble watching movies from pirated sites.

Using such websites can also damage your device so we suggest that you avoid using 123 MKV or other rental sites.

Is it safe to access the 123mkv website?

123 MKV is a piracy website and is not safe to use. The individual or organization running the website is anonymous and the names have not been released. Such websites show some pop-ups and lead you to some other websites that make your device vulnerable to hacking. This could be something dangerous for your device.


We do not support any torrent or pirated website. This article was for educational purposes to make people aware that pirating from illegal websites or watching movies is a punishable offense. I hope that after reading this article you will be careful while using such pirated websites. We do not promote or endorse 123 MKV or any other pirated website.



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